Denali is a mainstay in the adventure world thanks to its extensive selection of aftermarket accessories that focus on electronics. The brand is best known for its high-power fog lamps, auxiliary lights, and horns, that do an excellent job of illuminating the road and trail ahead, while alerting other road users of your presence. 

Denali has products that are both a universal fit and tailored specifically for some of the most popular adventure and touring bikes on the market today. The newest subject of the brand's premium accessory range is none other than the Ducati DesertX. The DesertX has received quite a lot of acclaim since its launch in 2022, with reviewers calling it one of the most off-road capable bikes in Ducati's model range. That being said, the bike's already impressive capabilities have just been boosted thanks to Denali's comprehensive lighting system. 

Denali Launches New Lighting Accessories For The Ducati DesertX

Denali has just released a comprehensive aftermarket lighting system designed specifically for the Ducati DesertX. It's built around the brand's fancy DialDim controller, and unlocks all sorts of customizable features for the Ducati DesertX. It makes use of an intuitive multi-color halo dial, which allows you to control two independent light circuits. This means that everything from your high beam, horn, and turn signals are completely configurable. We've talked about Denali's DialDim in great detail in the past, and the video above showcases just what this lighting system is capable of. 

Denali Launches New Lighting Accessories For The Ducati DesertX
Denali Launches New Lighting Accessories For The Ducati DesertX

While the DialDim system is already impressive in and of itself, Denali hasn't stopped there when it comes to equipping the DesertX with the best features. The brand has also released the T3 turn signal upgrade kits for the DesertX. These small but powerful lights replace the stock turn signals, with the front pods featuring duper bright white running lights that have the ability to switch into amber when the turn signals are activated. On the rear, meanwhile, these pods serve three functions – brake light, rear fog light, and rear turn signals. 

For those who need even more lights, Denali has also released a driving light mount for the DesertX's OEM crashbar. This piece allows you to use any Denali auxiliary light on the bike's OEM crashbar. It's constructed out of durable powder-coated steel, and maintains the bike's clean, OEM silhouette. Meanwhile, for those who traverse the darkest roads and trails, there's also a new lower mount compatible with the smaller Denali DM, D2, S4, and D3 lights. The bracket mounts these lights at the same level as the front wheel, maximizing visibility. 

Denali Launches New Lighting Accessories For The Ducati DesertX

Rounding up the lighting upgrades for the Ducati DesertX is the Denali B6 brake light. This plug-and-play system retains the bike's OEM look, while providing a significantly brighter brake light, notifying other road users of your intention to slow down. How bright? A whopping 900 lumens, which means that you'll be seen much further away as compared to the stock system. 

Last but not least, Denali has released a powder-coated steel horn mount that's designed specifically to house the Denali SoundBomb Original air horn. The SoundBomb is a popular choice among ADV riders, as it's four times louder than the stock horn, and twice as loud as a standard car horn. 

Denali Launches New Lighting Accessories For The Ducati DesertX
Denali Launches New Lighting Accessories For The Ducati DesertX

Pricing and availability

Denali's new accessories for the Ducati DesertX are now available for pre-order through the brand's official website (linked below). The newly developed products are expected to begin shipping by July, 2023. Check below for pricing of specific items. 

  • DialDim Controller - $284.99 USD
  • T3 Switchback M8 Turn Signals – Front/Rear - $194.99 USD per pair
  • Driving Light Mount for OEM Crashbar Adapter - $49 USD
  • Lower Driving Light Mount - $35 USD
  • B6 Brake Light - $142.99 USD
  • Horn Mount - $25 USD
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