Ducati has quite the solid adventure-enduro in the form of the DesertX. Engineered as one of the brand's most capable adventure bikes yet, it's clear that this bike finds its roots in the world of rally racing. Right off the bat, the bike's styling conjures up images of the Dakar Rally, one of the most demanding off-road races the world has ever seen – both for the machines and the gritty racers who brave the harsh terrain. 

As such, there really is no surprise as to why this bike is as popular as it is. Having just been launched in the global market in 2022, the bike is now a favorite among both casual and die-hard adventure riders. Of course, alongside this popularity comes a vast selection of aftermarket accessories. Nearly all aftermarket specialists have a bunch of products designed to let you configure your DesertX any which way you choose. Of course, when it comes to improving a bike that's already extremely impressive, the final say usually boils down to personal preference. 

Mivv Presents The New Dakar Slip-On Exhaust For The Ducati DesertX

This is especially true when it comes to aftermarket exhausts, as nearly all manufacturers will claim a significant weight reduction, as well as a couple of ponies boost in terms of power and torque. Needless to say, for the Ducati DesertX, riders are spoiled for choice. To add to the wide selection of exhausts for the bike, Italian exhaust manufacturer Mivv has just released the a new slip-on exhaust system. It's called the Dakar, and as its name clearly suggests, it incorporates technology found in some of the winningest rally bikes the world has ever seen. 

That being said, most of you who are looking to upgrade the exhaust of your Ducati DesertX are likely doing so for two main reasons: style and sound. In these departments, Mivv has you covered, as the svelte construction of the Dakar tidies up the DesertX's tail, while giving it a more race-ready aesthetic. As for the sound, well, listen for yourself in the video above. 

Diving right into the details, Mivv claims a power bump of 2.2 horsepower and a torque increase of 2.6 Newton-meters (1.82 pound-feet). Weight savings of 1.1 kilograms when compared to the stock pipe are guaranteed, as well. Best of all, the slip-on exhaust system is homologated according to ECE standards, which means it's street-legal both in terms of noise level and emissions regulations compliance. In terms of pricing, it retails for 457 Euros (about $488 USD) before taxes and shipping. 

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