It’s always a good idea to pack a set of tools whenever you go on an adventure just in case you find yourself in a sticky situation. And regardless of whether I ride my motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle, or driving a truck, I always have a specific set of tools that can handle basic roadside repairs.

That gets easier with a multitool, as they likely have something for just about every job, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Just take a look at some of the multitools in my collection. They're all weathered and have seen their fair share of action over the years. That said, this new multitool from AntDesign, a company specializing in Everyday Carry (EDC) gear, might just be a perfect tool for powersports lovers.

Some of the multitools in my collection.

My battered tools. 

AntDesign's GH Carabiner

New hotness.

At a glance, it may look like some fancy carabiner, however, it's more about function than style. It's still a carabiner, and we could all use a good quality carabiner, be it for carrying around essentials like Executive Editor Jonathon Klein's Garmin InReach Mini 2 or simply for quick and easy access to our keys. But AntDesign’s GH Carabiner is so much more. In total, the GH Carabiner has 17 functions, all seamlessly integrated into a compact design measuring no more than 95mm by 55mm (around 4 x 2 inches). It’s much smaller than even the smallest smartphones, and can easily be attached to your belt loop or the strap of your everyday backpack.

The GH Carabiner is made out of Grade 5 titanium, so it’s super lightweight while super strong. But AntDesign notes that it’s not designed for mountain climbing, though I’m pretty sure that all of its other features more than make up for this drawback.


The carabiner features include 4mm screwdrivers with interchangeable heads, as well as a flat-head screwdriver baked in, and a tungsten glass breaker for emergencies. There’s a built-in level and ruler for accurate on-the-go measurements, as well as a slider lock which can be actuated with one hand. The lock engages once the carabiner gate has been closed, minimizing the risk of accidentally dropping your keys.

There’s even a pry bar, bottle opener, fire starter, magnetic storage compartment, utility knife, and file all baked into the compact design.

AntDesign's GH Carabiner
AntDesign's GH Carabiner

Granted, as is the case with all multitools, an actual tool is leagues better than a mish mash of a dozen different tools, but hey, when you’re out on the road or lost in the wilderness, a multitool is by all means better than having no tools at all.

And while some of the features found on the GH Carabiner could be considered novelties more than actually practical, the truth is, in the thick of adventure, you’ll never really know what tool you’re going to need next. 

AntDesign's GH Carabiner

AntDesign's GH Carabiner

When it comes to availability, the GH Carabiner is scheduled for release on Kickstarter on February 28, 2024. AntDesign will offer it with a Super Early Bird price tag of $109 USD for the titanium version. It’s worth noting that there’s also an aluminum version, but pricing has yet to be announced.

Needless to say, once this thing hits the market, I’ll definitely be eager to get my hands on one. If it’s really all it's forged to be, then it’s something that every adventurer should have on their person at all times. 

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