Kriega is a well-known name in the world of motorcycle luggage, providing a great balance of design and functionality. With a strong emphasis on quality, the company guarantees that your essentials are safely and neatly stowed. Kriega's luggage collection caters to a variety of motorcycle disciplines, such as street riding, long-distance touring, and off-road adventures.

Among the several backpacks available, the Kriega Trail 18 sticks out as particularly fascinating. Its strong and identifiable style gives it a gritty, urban appearance that draws attention. This backpack, designed with adventure in mind, is a good choice for both everyday commuting and long touring, while also fitting occasional off-road trips. Its charm has fascinated me for quite some time, encouraging me to decide to add it in my own collection.

Premium build quality

Kriega Trail 18 Backpack

The Trail 18 features a high-end design that's all about adventure. It conveys a sense of utilitarianism and versatility, from its appearance to its structure, and feels like a premium and expensive rucksack. Meticulously built, every detail is well-built, delivering a well-put-together product in every way. Notably, the emphasis on ergonomics distinguishes this bag.

Kriega's groundbreaking Quadloc-Lite system, the brand's proprietary technology, is at the forefront of improving comfort and functionality. It supports proper posture and efficiently minimizes fatigue even during lengthy use by intelligently spreading the bag's weight over the shoulders and back. The ergonomic design is so well-executed that, depending on how much weight you carry, you may even forget you're wearing a backpack at all.

A practical companion

Kriega Trail 18 Backpack

Kriega's backpacks are precisely built with a focus on motorcycle use in mind. As a result, they are strengthened and abrasion-resistant to endure the rigors of the road. This particular design provides a somewhat more robust frame than standard backpacks. Furthermore, Kriega expertly utilizes available space within the Trail 18 while keeping slender and compact dimensions. Despite its toughness and protection, the backpack is functional and efficient, finding a balance between robustness and utility.

The Trail 18 has ample storage capacity of 18 liters, as its name suggests. A large waterproof compartment in the front allows for secure storage of things such as a laptop, additional clothing, and other belongings. However, it should be mentioned that the main compartment is not waterproof. Nonetheless, it is built to fit Kriega's hydration bladder, making it ideal for long rides and out-of-town vacations where staying hydrated is critical.

There is also a useful waterproof compartment within the main pocket for fast access to vital essentials. The bag has a strong Hypalon net on the outside, which acts as a great attachment point for goods like a raincoat, gloves, and other gear, allowing for simple access while on the go.

Rugged and adventurous by design

Kriega Trail 18 Backpack

The Kriega Trail 18 motorcycle backpack is purposely intended to be an adventure-ready backpack, with a heavy emphasis on rough and urban use. Because of its compact form, it can easily be adapted between urban surroundings, extended journeys, and off-road excursions. The incorporation of the Quadloc-Lite harness at the front not only improves comfort and load distribution, but also gives the backpack a uniquely tactical appearance. The Trail 18 is a great companion for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for both style and performance thanks to its blend of usefulness and aesthetics.


Kriega Trail 18 Backpack

The Trail 18 retains Kriega's premium pricing, retailing for around $240 USD. Nonetheless, the backpack's superb quality and performance justify this price. As mentioned, it incorporates abrasion-resistant textile fabric and ensures the protection and security of your valuables even during rough journeys. The ergonomic design adds to the value by enabling for long periods of pleasant riding. The Trail 18 is without a doubt one of the best motorcycle backpacks for city riding and moderate to long-distance excursions, establishing its reputation as a dependable and high-quality motorcycle backpack.

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