Have you been thinking about getting a Ural Gear Up, but you want all the bells and whistles right from the factory? Would you maybe also like some cool new color schemes to complement all the excellent three-wheeled adventures you’re about to have? If so, then you might want to learn about the new Ural Gear Up Expedition.  

It comes in three two-tone colorways, but offers more than just some new paint. For a start, it gets a beefier suspension. It also gets more luggage space, better protection for both the bike and the sidecar, and even matching tinted windshields for both the bike and the sidecar. The word “Expedition” is clearly not used lightly—as you’ll see from the list of included accessories that come with this bike. 

Ural Gear Up Base Features 

The Ural Gear Up line now comes in three flavors: Base, Standard, or Expedition. With the Ural Gear Up Base, you get on-demand 2WD, an enduro-style bench seat with passenger handles and footpegs, a sidecar tonneau cover, both sidecar and trunk mats, a standard Ural tool kit, and touch-up paint for when you get dinged. It comes in your choice of eight single color options: Slate Grey, Bronze Satin, Flat Green, Terracotta Satin, Rainier White, Northwest Grey, Klein Blue, and Terracotta Metallic.  

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Ural Gear Up Standard Features 

Bump up to the Ural Gear Up Standard, and you get everything found on the Base model. To that setup, the Standard also adds a universal spare wheel, a spare wheel luggage rack, LED sidecar fog lights, a front sidecar bumper, a sidecar aux power outlet, a jerry can, and a folding utility shovel. Available colors on the Standard are exactly the same as on the Base. 

Ural Gear Up Expedition Features 

The new Ural Gear Up Expedition adds even more accessories on top of what’s found on the Standard—as well as your choice of three two-tone colorways. In addition to getting all the features found on the Standard model, the Expedition adds Nitron shock absorbers, a black powder-coated powertrain, a toolbox gas tank, a smoked rider adjustable windscreen, a smoked short sidecar windscreen, a reinforced crash bar, a skidplate, luggage racks for the spare wheel/sidecar/sidecar fender (that’s three separate luggage racks), a sidecar rear bumper, a taillight protector, a headlight grill, an H4 LED headlight bulb, a handlebar clamp ball mount, Ural hand guards, and a handlebar-mounted USB charger as the cherry on top. 

Ural advertises the Gear Up Expedition as being “ready for anything,” and from that accessories list, it sounds like it’s serious about the concept. Available two-tone colorways found only on the Expedition are Polar Dawn, Colza Field, and Ember Flame. Ural also notes that “the slanted line along the sidecar and the fuel tank that separates the colors leans at 23.5 degrees, the same as the Earth’s axial tilt.” Whether you take that as encouragement, explanation, or something else entirely is your call. 

Pricing and Availability 

Pricing and availability vary by region. In the US, the Ural Gear Up Expedition is available now at authorized Ural Dealers. Pricing starts at $31,440 in the US, and $42,100 in Canada. The Ural Gear Up Standard starts at $21,999 US/$29,999 CAD, and the Ural Gear Up Base starts at $19,999 US/$26,900 CAD. 

If you are interested in Ural Motorcycles but are in a different geographic region, your best bet for the most accurate pricing and availability information in your area is to contact your local authorized Ural dealer. 

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