Do you remember what your granddad was like? Not everyone gets to spend time with them as a child, for a variety of reasons—but if you did, those memories are often incredibly special. In the latest video from the sidecar motorcycle specialists at Ural, we get a heartwarming glimpse of that one-of-a-kind bond. 

Over the course of the video, we see granddad and grandson bonding over several shared experiences. From studying sword arts to visiting shrines and touring the surrounding area, these memory-making experiences are woven from end to end with the fine threads of tradition. That, of course, is where Ural comes in. 

To get from place to place, both granddad and grandson gear up, then push the sidecar rig out of the garage where it sleeps. Once the grandson is safely in the sidecar, and granddad is ready to go, they embark on one of those days that seems almost endless when you’re a kid. 

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I wasn’t lucky enough to get to ride on (or in) any type of motorbike with my granddad when I was this age. However, I do remember how fun and special it was to get to do things like ride in a truck, help mow the lawn, or help spray-paint a bicycle that would later become mine. At the time, it felt like those hours would last forever—and that’s the feeling this video gives, too. 

While time undoubtedly seems to move differently as we get older, there’s no doubt that it’s a special experience for granddad, too. It’s the kind of sweet, touching, and universal feeling that isn’t strictly limited to sharing motorcycle love across generations—but bikes can certainly be one instantly nostalgic way to do it.  

Across cultures, across languages, across generations—there are some experiences that unite us. When this kid grows up, even as the memories begin to grow a little fuzzy and out of focus around the edges, those warm feelings will remain in perpetuity. Maybe they’ll come rushing back as he pulls the cover off granddad’s Ural in the future and takes the next generation out for their first ride. Maybe yours will, too. 

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