What do we love almost as much as bikes at RideApart? A good motorcycle dog story, of course! The extremely good boy you see in the photo and video is a pit bull named Rhino. As the story goes, his owner, Joe, has been a motorcycle guy for a long time. Rhino used to get sad that he couldn’t go out with Joe when he’d leave the house on his motorcycles—so Joe bought a Ural and decided to see if Rhino would give the sidecar life a try. 

Sure enough, Rhino took to riding with Joe almost immediately. Joe got him a nice vest that looks cool, and also helps strap Rhino into the sidecar for safety. He also has a nice set of Rex Specs that he slips over Rhino’s head, so he’s both safe and stylish. You can tell how much he loves the whole experience when he stands up in his seat while they’re out riding. 

Rhino is now a senior citizen, having most recently had 14 candles on his birthday cake. However, the joy on his face and in his little dance as he gets ready to go for a ride seems ageless. According to the American Kennel Club, a number of factors go into calculating how old your pup is in dog years—one of the most significant of which is size. That means this happy guy is probably around 78 to 88 years old in human terms, by its chart. (I think most of us hope we’re doing this well at that point in our lives.) 


How much does Rhino love his sidecar? So much that apparently, he’ll sleep in it in the garage when it’s not even moving. Sure, humans like to set up photo and video shoots for our furry friends so we can show off on social media, but there’s no denying that seeing him sleep in the sidecar, seemingly waiting for that next ride is an entire vibe

Most of the time, Joe says that he and Rhino just go for local rides to run errands. At their usual haunts, Rhino has made plenty of friends who are always happy to see him, and he keeps making more friends out on the road wherever he goes. The pair like to go everywhere together on their bike—even camping. Honestly, it looks like some of the most fun you could have with your best friend on your bike. 

Do you like to go for rides with your dog or other furry companion? If you do, what’s your routine like? Let us know in the comments!

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