Moto camping is quickly gaining traction across the world. Allow Rob Hamilton, the man behind the popular YouTube channel Moto Feelz, to take you with him on his moto camping trip with no extra commentary.

ASMR videos have been around for a while, but it’s quite the stroke of genius to combine one craze with yet another, moto camping. The activity seems to be a new way to enjoy life on two wheels and life away from the city. From cafe racers to adventure riders, it’s all a matter of getting (strategically) lost in the woods with your motorcycle and camping gear.

If you have 30 minutes to kill, or if you are working and want something playing in the background, then this video’s worth a watch or listen to. In fact, I’m writing this article right now listening to the sound of this video through my headphones. The relaxing sounds of camping out in the woods hit differently. With no one else around and no commentary to get in the way, all you hear is the sounds of a campsite, and even the sights of a lone camper just enjoying his time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The video is also visually impressive, and even things like pitching a tent or cooking dinner are visually and aurally appealing. Then, of course, night falls and sleep must be had. The tent that Rob uses is actually designed for moto camping, and there is even a spot for his Triumph Scrambler to fit inside, away from the elements. Dawn approaches and it’s time to wake up and prepare some breakfast. 

On another note, if you want more motorcycle-related content, you can check out Rob’s main channel, Moto Feelz where he vlogs and covers other related topics that pertain to things with two wheels, including his Triumph Street Scrambler as seen in the video.

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