Triumph’s Bonneville lineup is undoubtedly one of the most iconic nameplates in the entire motorcycling world. Under the Bonneville platform, the Hinckley company has a multitude of variants, with the Street series sitting at the bottom of the crop as the most entry-level offerings in the model range. Available in two flavors, both the Street Twin and Street Scrambler share the same underpinnings.

Meanwhile, those looking for bigger, more performance-oriented machines, but still with that retro charm and character can opt for the bigger bikes such as the Speed Twin and Scrambler 1200. Given all the different model names in Triumph’s lineup, it can be very easy to get lost and confused. Perhaps this could be why the British manufacturer is scraping the Street name in the Street Twin and Street Scrambler, and replacing them with Speed Twin 900 and Scrambler 900 respectively.

Triumph Bonneville Special Edition Street Scrambler Gold Line - Top View Cafe

Our colleagues over at shared certification documents filed by Triumph in Australia which seem to confirm that the “Street” name is indeed going the way of the dinosaurs—for the twin-powered bikes, at least. Should the 2023 model range be devoid of the Street Twin and Street Scrambler, and instead see these Ike’s rebadged the Speed Twin 900 and Scrambler 900, that would then only leave one model bearing the “Street” name: the Street Triple.

Now, whether or not Triumph will also rename the Street Triple to Speed Triple 765 remains to be seen. However, given how popular and distinct this bike is from its bigger sibling, I’m guessing it’s perfectly fine the way it is. Plus, there are already several sub-variants of the Street Triple 765, and renaming it to fit the Speed Triple model range could certainly add to the confusion.

Should Triumph relaunch the 900cc Bonneville-based bikes in 2023 sans the “Street” name, chances are the only differences will be the names themselves, as well as new badges, perhaps. It’s certainly looking like this move of renaming their bikes is strictly for marketing purposes, in order to provide a more homogenous model lineup, and tie things closer together.

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