It can be fun to take your four-legged furry critter for a ride. We've all probably seen dogs riding in sidecars before. There are also pet carriers designed specifically for motorcycles. Merlin, the Moto Dog, doesn't need any of these contraptions. He just sits or stands on top of the gas tank.

Don't worry. Merlin, a Scottish Terrier, is not just hanging on for dear life. He's attached to his rider with a harness, so if he loses his grip he won't fall off the bike. Also, the tank has a thick coat of padding on top of it, which gives Merlin something to hold onto as well as protecting the tank's paint. Merlin even has a pair of riding goggles that match his human's helmet. He doesn't have a helmet of his own, but what few motorcycle helmets for dogs do exist are more novelty items than actual protection like helmets for humans.

Not much really happens in this video. Merlin and his owner met up with some buddies, then go out for burgers at Mason's in Brewer, Maine. Yes, Merlin gets his own burger, too, because of course, he does. It's fun to not only watch Merlin's epic mustache, which could put Tom Selleck's to shame, flapping in the breeze, but also to watch the expressions of passers-by. At one point a pair of Harleys go by, and one rider's head snaps around so fast it's like he'd just run at full speed to the end of his leash and got sproinged backward.

I'm not about to try this myself. We have a 150-pound Newfoundland. She wouldn't fit on my gas tank, and even if she did I wouldn't be able to see around her. I doubt she'd be comfortable sitting on the passenger seat behind me, human style. The only way I'm going to be able to take our Stormageddon with me is to pick up a sidecar rig. Maybe I can use that to my advantage to justify getting another bike.

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