Riding by yourself can be great, and so can riding with friends. Only those really good friends are content to just keep you company and be a shoulder you can lean on without having to even talk, though. Sometimes, we all need that—and that’s why having a friend like Max is so important.  

Who’s Max? If you haven’t already guessed, he’s the very good boy (who is also a golden retriever) who goes by @dogsidecar on both TikTok and Instagram. Quite understandably, he’s been both a social and traditional media sensation, showing up on several local newscasts in his home country of Colombia. 

As the story goes, Max lives with his owner, whose name is David Guzmán. Max’s human dad said that Max’s mom unfortunately died after a heart attack following some fireworks. Poor Max was all alone, and kept directing pointed looks at David (and his Harley) when he’d go out for a ride. Soon, he said, he put two and two together and realized that what Max really wanted was to go for a ride with dad. 


Soon, Guzmán got way into it. He had a sidecar fitted to his bike so he could bring his best buddy along on every trip. Safety is super important, whether you have fur covering your skin or not—so he also made sure that Max got the best safety gear, too. That includes a little leather Harley-Davidson jacket, fitted with a special seatbelt/harness that holds Max in place if anything hairy happens out on the road. Together with his little helmet and doggles, Max looks like he’s ready for just about anything. 

In the videos that David frequently posts on TikTok, you can see how relaxed and happy Max looks as he and his dad are getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Of course, regular humans they meet along the way absolutely love Max, and who wouldn’t? They frequently ride around in their hometown of Cali, Colombia—and can often be found distributing food to homeless dogs at Parque del Perro (Dog Park).  

It’s the little, everyday things that matter when we’re going through tough times. Just one person (and dog) doing something good can give you the hope you need, right when you need it. Ride safe, help someone in your community, and go pet some very good floofs if you have the chance.

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