Dogs and motorcycles isn’t an entirely new concept. How many good boys have you seen with their ears flopping in the wind as they enjoy a ride in the comfort of a sidecar? If your answer to that is zero, you need to go out more. Michael Fiala decided to do things a little differently since his ride was a Kawasaki Ninja—no sidecar to take Sox the husky out for a ride. So, why not the pillion?

A few years ago, after graduating from university, Michael Fiala decided to sell everything he owned (except for his motorcycle) and move to Hawaii. To keep him company on his lonely adventure, his dad offered him a dog, a fluffy baby husky named Sox. Once in Hawaii, Fiala had to figure out how to take his puppy around having only a motorcycle. As a trained animal behaviorist, zoologist, and dog trainer, Fiala was up for the challenge. He gradually got his adventure buddy used to sitting on the pillion of his Ninja until Sox the dog became a bike dog. 

After six years touring the roads of Hawaii with a dog in the saddle, Fiala decided to head back to the continent to fulfill his goal to visit all 50 states, all national parks, and all MLB stadiums in the country. He swapped his Ninja for a Concours 14 and headed back to the mainland to begin his grand adventure. With Sox as his passenger of course. 


That was a year and a half ago. The duo has now clocked over 60,000 miles on the Kawasaki, visited 35 states, and 21 national parks. To keep fellow traveler Sox safe on their journey, Fiala gears him up with goggles and a tiny open-face helmet. I mean, it’s hard not to think that the look on the dog’s face is one of pure delight. You’d even believe that he’s smiling…

And once they’ve seen all 50 states, national parks, and baseball stadiums? Fiala has big ambitions: next on the list would be all seven continents.

He started documenting “Sox and Michael’s” adventures on Instagram only a few months ago—worth a look if you need to brighten up your day. Pictures of a husky in goggles will turn any bad day around. 

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