Few things are instantly recognizable as the sound of a three-cylinder engine. For many riders, myself included, the good old triple is among the best-sounding engines out there. That being said, three-cylinder engines and Triumph have long shared a deep-rooted connection, and today, some of Triumph’s triples are widely considered to be the best in the industry.

When it comes to naked bikes, the Street Triple 765 stands as one of the potent in the middleweight segment. Refreshed for the 2023 model-year, the bike came with a slew of techie updates that pretty much made it a race-derived machine in a naked bike configuration. That said, it took some time for aftermarket exhaust manufacturers to develop systems for the new bike as it had a variety of revisions to meet ever-tightening emissions restrictions. Now, however, the wait is over, as Italian exhaust specialist Zard has just unveiled its newest exhaust system for the Street Triple 765.


Unlike previous iterations of the Street Triple, the current-generation has a different exhaust in that it’s a single-piece assembly from the headers to the tailpipe. This means that aftermarket options are exclusively full-systems, as opposed to slip-on systems for the previous generation. As such, Zard had to redesign its exhaust offering for the Street Triple 765 from the ground up. To do this, Giuseppe Armano, the head of Zard’s Centro Stile, paid close attention to every single detail to achieve not just perfect aesthetics, but also the aerodynamics and optimal air and heat flow to guarantee exceptional performance.

All of Zard’s exhaust systems are meticulously manufactured by hand in Italy, and are crafted to exacting standards with the use of high-quality materials. In the case of the Triumph Street Triple, Zard is offering a total of four options – Stainless Steel and Titanium, both of which with both street-legal and track-only options.

E5 Stainless Homologated Version

Zard Has New Full-System Exhausts For The Triumph Street Triple 765

The first one is the stainless steel version that’s designed for street use. Compliant to Euro 5 emissions and noise restrictions, it’s a three-into-one full exhaust system complete with a carbon fiber heat shield, end cap, and left and right covers. It tips the scales at just 7.4 kilograms, more than two kilos lighter than the stock system, and promises 3.5 horsepower of gains without the need for any ECU remapping or tuning.

Zard says that the E5 homologated exhaust system is a bolt-on application across all variants of the Street Triple 765 – from the R, to the RS, and the RS Moto2 edition. It carries an MSRP of 1,845 euros, or approximately $2,008 USD for the standard titanium finish, and 2,055 euros, or about $2,237 USD for the black version.

Stainless Steel Racing Version

Zard Has New Full-System Exhausts For The Triumph Street Triple 765

Up next, we have the stainless steel racing version, which is essentially the same bit of kit as the homologated version, minus the stuff that make it compliant to Euro 5 regulations. Without the catalytic converters and silencers, the racing kit is much lighter, weighing it at just 4.1 kilos, or less than half the weight of the stock exhaust system. It also promises more gains, with a bump of seven horsepower with the stock ECU. To make it even better, Zard is promising a new ECU upmap for 2024 developed specifically to optimize performance of the new exhaust system.

The stainless steel racing version is compatible with the Street Triple 765 R, RS, and RS Moto2, and comes with all the necessary hardware for a seamless bolt-on installation. It’s also more affordable than the homologated version, retailing for 1,475 euros (approx. $1,605 USD) for the satin finish and 1,690 euros ($1,839 USD) for the black finish.

E5 Titanium Homologated Version

Zard Has New Full-System Exhausts For The Triumph Street Triple 765

For those looking to shed even more pounds, Zard is offering a titanium exhaust system, too. Just like the stainless steel option, the titanium exhaust system is a three-into-one setup complete with a steel catalyst box for emissions compliance. It gets a carbon fiber heat shield, end cap, and covers, and weighs in at just 6.3 kilograms – 3.2 kilos lighter than the stock system.

On the performance side of things, the titanium system promises a power bump of 3.5 ponies with the factory ECU, and is a bolt-on application for all variants of the current-generation Street Triple. Pricing-wise, we’re looking at 2,550 euros ($2,775 USD) for the satin finish and 2,765 euros ($3,009 USD) for the black finish.

Titanium Racing Version

Zard Has New Full-System Exhausts For The Triumph Street Triple 765

Last but certainly not least is the lightest exhaust system on offer from the Italian manufacturer. Like the Stainless Steel Racing version, the titanium kit is the same as the homologated version minus all the street-legal stuff. As such, it’s the lightest system on offer weighing in at only 2.8 kilograms versus the stock system’s 9.5 kilos. It also promises quite a bit of gains, with seven horsepower on the stock tune. Zard’s upcoming upmap will also be compatible with the titanium system, so expect quite a bit more gains once this is released.

Like all other exhaust systems on offer here, the Titanium Racing Version is compatible with all three variants of the current generation Street Triple 765. When it comes to cost, Zard prices the satin finish at 2,100 euros ($2,286 USD) and the blacked-out version at 2,315 euros ($2,519 USD).

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