On October 7, 2023, Triumph Motorcycles and Akrapovič announced a new long-term partnership that would have the exhaust specialist develop new performance-oriented exhaust systems for Triumph’s motorcycles. According to the press release, the new exhaust systems will be featured on Triumph’s Adventure and Roadster models – presumably the Tiger 900 and 1200, as well as the Street and Speed Triples.

Akrapovič has long been synonymous with high-performance, and indeed, most of its technology was born in the race track. In both the highest levels of on and off-road racing – the MotoGP and Dakar Rally, Akrapovič is a mainstay and by far the most prominent exhaust system manufacturer in the business. On the consumer side of the equation, the prestige the brand has brought manufacturers in racing emanates through, giving us mere mortals a piece of race-bred technology.

Akrapovic Slip-On Titanium Exhaust for 2022 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 - Exhaust

Conversely, the Triumph Tiger 900 and 1200 sit at the bleeding edge of technology when it comes to adventure bikes, doing battle with some of the most potent ADVs in the market. The same is true for the Triumph Street Triple and Speed Triple models, which are razor-sharp naked sportbikes both critically acclaimed for their impressive performance. Apart from Triumph’s Adventure and Roadster lineup, the report also states that Triumph and Akrapovič will be collaborating on “special projects.” Though it doesn’t highlight what these special projects are, we could be looking at special-edition models of certain Triumph models in the near future.

The partnership between Triumph and Akrapovič was born on the race track where Akrapovič supplied exhaust systems for Triumph’s potent 765cc three-cylinder engine. To this day, the same engine powers the Moto2 racing machines, and is foreseen to do so all the way until 2029. In its current trim level, the 765cc engine in the Triumph Street Triple RS pumps out a hearty 128 horsepower and 59 pound-feet of torque. Meanwhile, in Moto2 configuration, it’s estimated that these engines are tweaked for even more power – closer to 140 ponies.

Nick Bloor, the CEO of Triumph Motorcycles, explained that the partnership with Akrapovič also broadens the brand’s range of genuine products. “This collaboration is about offering our customers even more choice by extending our range of genuine Triumph accessories. Working with Akrapovič to develop new exhaust systems for our upcoming models, we can give riders the opportunity to enhance the response and feel of their new Triumph motorcycle, knowing that the two have been developed side by side.”

Meanwhile, Darvin Dobočnik, the CEO of Akrapovič, stated, “As a company, we are delighted to be entering into this new collaboration with Triumph. We are honored to cooperate with such an iconic brand with a huge heritage. As companies we share similar values, and our engineers are already working alongside those from Triumph to develop exhaust systems for Triumph models across many genres of motorcycles, including versions that will surprise many. This is an exciting and important collaboration for Akrapovič, and it is one that we are all eager to be involved with to see what we can achieve as this collaboration grows and strengthens.”

2023 Triumph Street Triple Moto2 Edition - Front Right Angle View 2 - Studio
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