Verge Motorcycles is undoubtedly one of the up and coming names in the electric mobility space. The high-performance Verge TS electric superbike turns heads not only because of its styling, but also thanks to its unique rear end – which we’ve done a deep dive on in a previous story. That being said, a motorcycle pushing the envelope when it comes to technology must have a solid team behind it, and indeed, this is the case for Verge.

Verge has been making a lot of changes in its upper management structure. In August, 2023, the company announced Mark Wilson as its new Chief Financial Officer. Then in September, the company made even more changes to its management structure, hiring Alan Foster as Chief Operations Officer, and Haydn Baker as Chief Product Officer. This time around, it was announced on October 4, 2023, that George Blankenship would take on the role of Chief Revenue Officer of Verge Motorcycles. All these changes have been made in order to gear the company up for even more effective global expansion in the coming years.

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George Blankenship may be a new name in the world of two-wheels, however, he’s a seasoned veteran in the world of technology. Blankenship previously worked with Apple and Tesla, where he handled developing customer interface and other projects pertaining to the brands. On the Verge side of things, he’ll be doing the same, but with a heightened focus on global expansion, specifically when it comes to store strategies.

In Verge’s official press release, Blankenship stated that he sees huge potential in the company, likening it to Apple and Tesla back when the companies were still in their growth stage, “I see the same potential in Verge today as I did in Apple two decades ago and Tesla one decade ago when we took a big step forward to completely redefine their industries,” he said. With Blankenship’s expertise, Verge aims to expand internationally, with customer experience at the forefront.

Indeed, Customer experience is vital for Verge’s success, and brick-and-mortar stores lie at the heart of this, even in today’s digital age. There’s nothing quite like going to a physical store and seeing the products for yourself, as this fosters a deeper sense of trust with the brand. As such, under Blankenship’s leadership, Verge is eyeing multiple head-turning stores in major US and European cities as early as the summer of 2024.

Marko Lehtimäki, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, sees a lot of potential in George Blankenship, saying that the latter could direct the brand’s stores to be exactly in the right place, “George is known for the fact that no matter where he goes, he revolutionizes the prevailing operating methods in the industry. We want Verge’s stores to be in exactly the right places in terms of brand awareness and sales. George’s holistic vision, excellent networks, and industry experience will make this possible.”

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