Verge Motorcycles is one of the bigger names in the performance electric motorcycle industry, as well as one with one of the most outlandish, futuristic designs. Back in 2019, the Finnish electric motorbike startup unveiled the production-ready version of what would later on become the Verge TS, a powerful electric motorcycle with a wild-looking hubless rear wheel.

Back in November 2022, deliveries of the Verge TS began in Europe, and the company is eyeing a US market launch before the end of 2023. On top of all that, the company also announced that it was adopting the Tesla NACS charging standard for its electric motorcycles, allowing riders to make use of Tesla’s widespread network of fast chargers. With all these developments, it’s clear that Verge is paving its way to becoming a large and widespread electric motorcycle manufacturer, and not merely a boutique brand with fringe products.

To emphasize this, Verge has made big changes to its management, and recently appointed a new CFO with the intent to scale up the brand’s global footprint. The company’s new Chief Financial Officer is Mark Wilson, an experienced executive in the automotive industry. Wilson’s extensive resume includes McLaren Automotive, and much more recently, Aston Martin Lagonda Plc, where he served as EVP and CFO. Overall, Mark Wilson has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, and specializes in raising funds and growing international operations – two things that are of top priority for Verge Motorcycles.

In the company’s official press release, Mark Wilson stated, “Verge’s unique innovation, state-of-the-art design and ambitious vision is attracting enormous interest amongst international investors despite the challenging economic environment. This is a pivotal moment for the Company as it scales up to meet growing customer demand globally. With an order book running well into next year Verge is primed to exert leadership in the electric superbike category. I’m thrilled to join such an exciting and dynamic business.”

Verge Motorcycles Appoints Mark Wilson As New CFO

Furthermore, Marko Lehtimäki, Chief Technology Officer at Verge, explained that demand for the TS is growing rapidly, and that the company needs to continually raise funds to ensure that its production capacity can meet demand. He stated, “Mark Wilson’s strong expertise and long experience in the auto industry is extremely valuable to Verge, especially at this stage of our growth. The company’s order book is growing at an accelerating pace, and with the help of future funding rounds, the company intends to ensure that delivery capacity is increased to meet the demand. Mark has unparalleled experience in all of these areas. The company is now entering a new era.”

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