Verge Motorcycles, located in Finland, has been diligently planning for growth in recent months. The company claims that its technology is well honed and ready for expansion. The company just announced Mark Wilson as its new CFO. It is now taking additional initiatives to overhaul its management structure in order to accelerate global expansion.

In response to worldwide demand, Verge Motorcycles has hired the expertise of two notable individuals from the automobile sector to strengthen its production capacity. Alan Foster will take over as COO of Verge Motorcycles, while Haydn Baker will take over as CPO. The company's innovative technology and design have piqued the curiosity of motorcycle and electric mobility enthusiasts worldwide. The first rise in demand has resulted in a large number of orders, encouraging Verge to plan to join the US market later in 2023. Foster and Baker will both play critical roles in Verge Motorcycles' continued growth initiatives.

Verge Motorcycles COO Alan Foster

Alan Foster, with over four decades of experience in the automotive sector, has assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at Verge Motorcycles. Prior to this, he held diverse management positions at McLaren Automotive for over 15 years. Notably, he played a pivotal role in establishing a manufacturing technology center responsible for producing all of McLaren's road vehicles, which also became a popular visitor attraction for the brand.

“Verge is in a very exciting phase of growth, and the potential is genuinely huge,” Foster explained in an article by Powersports Business. “I believe my experience with scaling low-volume luxury products like McLaren will benefit Verge tremendously. What fascinates me most about Verge is its unique, game-changing technology, which inverts traditional technical solutions with its simplicity,” he concluded.

In recent years, Foster has served as an industry consultant, collaborating with prominent automotive OEMs through his independent company. In his new role at Verge, he will take charge of expanding production capacity, enhancing quality control measures, and optimizing overall operations.

Verge Motorcycles CPO Haydn Baker

Meanwhile, Haydn Baker, a seasoned figure in the automotive sector, offers a lot of knowledge to his post as Verge Motorcycles' Chief Product Officer. Baker has extensive experience in the field of electric cars, having spent a decade in key positions at McLaren Automotive and a period with the American electric car maker Rivian. Baker's duties at Verge Motorcycles include managing the product development program, enhancing engineering procedures and standards, and bringing scalability to the product selection. His experience in both the traditional and electric automobile industries qualifies him for this key role.

“We have taken huge strides in the last year and established our place in the industry,” Tuomo Lehtimäki, CEO of Verge, said in an article by Powersports Business. “Ensuring production capacity and quality are key as we continue to move into new markets. To be successful, growth requires above all the right people, and it is an honor to have industry veterans like Alan and Haydn as part of our team. The experience and expertise they bring with them is truly invaluable to us,” he continued.

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