The 2024 BMW R 1300 GS is the latest adventure bike to take the world by storm. Successor to the highly successful R 1250 GS, the R 1300 GS takes the torch from what many consider to be the most iconic adventure bike in the world. With that being said, there’s absolutely no surprise that lots of aftermarket manufacturers are rolling out all sorts of upgrades and accessories for the big bore adventure bike.

The exhaust system is among the first things most motorcycle enthusiasts replace on their bikes. A well-crafted aftermarket exhaust system not only enhances the sound of the engine, but also marginally improves performance and substantially reduces weight. For a long time, SC-Project has been equipping sportbikes with race-ready exhaust pipes. This time around, it’s launching a range of exhaust pipes for the new R 1300 GS. There are two models to choose from – the Adventure-R and Rally-X – let’s take a closer look at these two systems and what they have to offer.

SC-Project Adventure-R

SC-Project Has Two New Exhaust Systems For The BMW R 1300 GS

Designed to preserve the clean and streamlined aesthetics of the R 1300 GS, the Adventure-R gets a large canister in an elegant and ultra-lightweight titanium casing. It also gets a laser-embossed logo, carbon fiber end cap, and a double asymmetrical output to give the bike an OEM-plus aesthetic. SC-Project ascertains that the Adventure-R system is compliant to current Euro 5 regulations, and has undergone rigorous testing in all sorts of conditions to guarantee consistent and reliable performance.

SC-Project Has Two New Exhaust Systems For The BMW R 1300 GS

SC-Project offers the Adventure-R system in two colorways – titanium and matte black. Regardless of the color of your choice, the Adventure-R matches seamlessly with the R 1300 GS’ factory heat shield. Furthermore, SC-Project supplies all the necessary hardware for a quick and seamless installation. Like most slip-on systems, the Adventure-R doesn’t require any ECU remapping to work efficiently with the R 1300 GS, and is also compatible with OEM side panniers.

SC-Project Rally-X

SC-Project Has Two New Exhaust Systems For The BMW R 1300 GS

Up next, the SC-Project Rally-X gives the R 1300 GS a sportier, racing-inspired look. The conical shape with a sporty end-cap is reminiscent of rally racers, and its compact dimensions – just 250 millimeters long – emphasize a lightweight and compact build. Like the Adventure-R , the Rally-X is made out of high-quality titanium, and is engineered to meet Euro 5 standards.

SC-Project Has Two New Exhaust Systems For The BMW R 1300 GS

From a styling perspective, the Rally-X gets an aluminum plate with the SC-Project logo, similar to what we find in SC-Project Reparto Corse exhaust pipes. All titanium elements are tig-welded, and brackets and hardware are CNC-machined for maximum durability and longevity. SC-Project offers the Rally-X in just one titanium colorway, and like the Adventure-R, requires no ECU retuning, and is also compatible with OEM side cases.

Pricing and Availability

Both the SC-Project Adventure-R and Rally-X promise a seamless bolt-on installation, and are compatible with all BMW R 1300 GS factory accessories. The Adventure-R carries an MSRP of 740 euros ($811 USD) for the Titanium color, and 880 euros ($965 USD) for the ceramic matte black. The Rally-X, meanwhile, is the most affordable of the bunch retailing for 630 euros ($691 USD). For more information about these new exhaust systems, get in touch with your nearest SC-Project retailer, or check out their official website.

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