You could argue that all types of riding require some degree of training. Indeed, here at RideApart, we’re advocates of motorcycle education, and want all types of riders to enjoy their craft to the best of their abilities. Off-road and enduro riding is one of the more rigorous when it comes to skill development, and we’re excited to report that Touratech USA has recently teamed up with Dirt Bike Safety Training (DBST) to offer a new program called Adventure Rider Training.

DBST has more than two decades of off-road-focused motorcycle training under its belt. Situated in the Pacific Northwest, DBST offers residents of Cascadia the chance to hone their skills in off-road riding in the Touratech Rally West. The program includes the Black Forest Challenge Course, DBST’s own adventurous spin on the training program.

Touratech And DBST Join Forces With New Adventure Rider Training Program

DBST’s training facility is located north of Seattle in Snohomish County, Washington, and provides a wide selection of training programs for riders of all backgrounds. The private off-road facility provides riders with all sorts of challenging obstacles, simulating what you’ll most likely come across when exploring actual trails and adventure routes.

Commenting on the partnership with DBST, Paul Guillien, Touratech USA’s CEO, told Motorcycle Powersports News, “When we decided to offer rider training, DBST was the natural fit for Touratech USA. The staff, methodology and facility are world-class. Anyone that wants to improve their bike handling skills and have more fun riding should get Adventure Rider Training powered by DBST.”

Touratech and DBST’s Adventure Rider Training Program aims to develop the bike handling skills of riders looking to take their ADV skills to the next level. It focuses on both theoretical and practical applications, such as ergonomics, biomechanics, as well as actually practicing their newly learned skills out on the trail. Commenting on the partnership, Jason Sherman, General Manager of DBST, stated, “To be selected by Touratech-USA as its preferred training partner speaks volumes about our joint passion for helping individuals ride safer and farther, while having more confidence than ever before.”

Touratech And DBST Join Forces With New Adventure Rider Training Program

You can access more information about Touratech USA and DBST’s Adventure Rider Training program via their official landing page. On top of that, DBST offers motorcycle training sessions every day of the year, provided that the weather cooperates. Check them out via their official website below, as well.

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