Yamaha is one of the biggest and most respected motorcycle manufacturers in the world. The Japanese company has taken a unique, streamlined approach when tackling multiple markets. Yamaha understands that different markets have different needs, and so it does its best to ensure these unique needs and preferences are met.

For example, in the US, Yamaha focuses primarily on its premium, performance-oriented models. It offers riders a wide range of bikes so that they can start out on a Yamaha (perhaps an R3 or MT-03) and upgrade gradually within the brand until they reach the pinnacle of performance (say, an R1M). Meanwhile, in Asia, the brand offers a wide selection of both mass-market and premium models, catering to the needs of both commuters and enthusiasts in the region.

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Europe takes on a similar approach, with its tiered system which follows licensing in the region. Apart from that, a lot of the brand’s innovations, particularly in the field of EVs, can be found in Europe. Speaking of Europe, Yamaha Motor has announced some pretty big changes in management moving into 2024. Since March 2020, Eric de Seynes has been serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., and has been at the helm during some of Yamaha’s strongest years. Now, from January 1, 2024, he’ll be stepping down from this position to join YME’s Supervisory Board as Chairman.

In an article by Roadracing World, Eric de Seynes said, “It has been a great honor and privilege to have led the Yamaha Motor Europe group companies since 2014 as Operational Director and C.O.O, and then as President and C.E.O since 2018. During this decade we have developed a new marketing strategy in Europe, have more than doubled our total net sales and have implemented many new customer services and digital applications.”

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As Eric de Seynes moves on to YME’s Supervisory Board, Olivier Prévost will be taking de Seynes’ place as President and CEO of Yamaha Motor Europe. Prévost previously served as the Vice-President of YME, and has been deemed to be more than capable of taking on the top leadership role. Apart from overseeing Yamaha’s motorcycle operations, Prévost will also manage all of YME’s branches and subsidiaries in Europe.

Olivier Prévost explained that he’s been working hard to build his understanding of the various Yamaha Motor entities. “It is with a lot of humility and respect that I accept the challenge of being his successor as YME President. The last ten years, through my various assignments in different Yamaha Motor entities, I have been reinforcing and enlarging my understanding and experience of the Yamaha organization, operations, businesses and markets. With the support of the Yamaha family – and with family I mean the Yamaha employees, suppliers, distributors, dealers and customers, I feel reassured and confident to fulfill the position,” he said.

Olivier Prévost has a storied history with Yamaha. He has been part of the Yamaha family since the start of his career back in 194 as a project head at MBK Industrie. Since then, he’s moved around quite a bit to several divisions and departments within Yamaha, and even spent some time in Yamaha Motor’s headquarters in Japan. Apart from this, he held leadership positions in Yamaha Motor R&D Europe, and former Yamaha subsidiary Motori Minarelli. With 30 years of experience in multiple functions within Yamaha, Prévost is more than capable of driving Yamaha Motor Europe into innovation and success in the years to come.

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