All across the world, electric two-wheelers are building quite a lot of steam. This is especially true for commuter scooters with a focus on practicality and convenience. We've seen a lot of these types of EVs hit the market in recent years, with new electric scooters from both new and established manufacturers. 

Speaking of new electric scooters, back in October 2019, Yamaha showcased the E01 electric scooter concept at the Tokyo Motor show. Now, several years later, that scooter is already available in the Asian market, with Yamaha conducting testing and leasing programs in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. It seems that the electric scooter is set to hit the European market next, and it's clear to see why, as a lot of countries in the European Union are pushing for the accelerated adoption of electric mobility. 

Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter Expected To Make European Debut In 2024

As for the Yamaha E01, it's particularly interesting because it takes the tried and tested scooter platform, and future-proofs it with a cutting-edge electric drivetrain. The E01 doesn't make use of a rear hub-mounted motor as is the case with other cheaper scooters. Instead, like an ICE scooter, the E01's electric motor is mounted right in front of the swingarm, giving the two-wheeler better balance. Performance-wise, the numbers are similar to that of a 125cc gas-powered bike, but chances are it'll be far punchier than that. For reference, the electric motor is rated for 8.1 kilowatts – or about 11 horsepower.

As for the battery, the 21-pound-foot electric motor sips juice from a 56.3-ampere-hour, 87.6-volt battery pack. According to Yamaha, real-world range should be about 65 miles, while top speed for the scooter is set at 62 miles per hour. It's worth noting that the claimed range figure is achievable with an average speed not exceeding 45 miles per hour. Furthermore, Yamaha has incorporated a fast-charging system which should enable the scooter to be recharged in just one hour. Should you need to resort to regular charging, it takes about five hours to fully charge the scooter via a regular household outlet. 

Last but not least, a scooter can't be a scooter if it isn't practical. The Yamaha E01 boasts quite a lot of amenities which include a large under-seat storage compartment with 23 liters of storage space. It's big enough to fit a full-face helmet, so it's surely big enough to store your daily essentials, too. 

As of this writing, there's no exact price or release date for the Yamaha E01 in the European market. That said, the scooter can already be found on French roads undergoing testing via a leasing program. Chances are this is how the scooter will also be distributed to the rest of Europe, and it's expected to happen in 2024. Naturally, two-wheelers like this, especially ones from as reputable a manufacturer as Yamaha, are bound to stir up the market, so be sure to stay tuned as we learn more about the E01, as well as other electrification initiatives from mainstream manufacturers.

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