Zero Motorcycles is considered as one of the pioneers in the electric motorcycle industry. First opening its doors in 2006, it’s likely that back then, Zero wasn’t expecting that it would boom into the electric motorcycle giant it is today. With headquarters all across the globe, the California-based e-moto innovator shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s fostering peace of mind among would-be buyers by offering a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

As reported by our friends at The PACK, all Zero Motorcycles sold in Europe from the 2024 model-year onwards will come with a standard five-year warranty, “regardless of the number of kilometers ridden.” Needless to say, this is a huge reassurance from the electric motorcycle company, especially in a time wherein EVs – specifically the two-wheeled sort – are becoming more and more popular.

2023 Zero SR/F
2023 Zero SR/S

Prior to rolling out the five-year warranty on its bikes, Zero already had quite an impressive guarantee on its products. In fact, its ZForce ZF battery, the battery pack used to power its electric motorcycles, carried an impressive five-year warranty. Other components such as the motor, controller, frame, suspension, and wheels, had a limited-kilometer two-year warranty. This time around, however, all of the bikes’ components will have a uniform five-year warranty. Now, Zero Motorcycles understands that not everyone keeps their bikes for a duration of five years, and so the warranty is transferable to a new owner, should the bike be sold within a five-year timeframe.

Specific to the European market, the Zurich Insurance Group subsidiary Real Garant Zurich is the company behind the new five year guarantee program. Through its partnership with Zero Motorcycles, it’s able to offer such a comprehensive guarantee at no additional cost to the end users. Even better yet, some 2023 models sold through Zero’s authorized dealership network may also be eligible for the program.

2024 Zero S - Riding 2

In the same report by The PACK, Zero Motorcycles EMEA vice president and director Umberto Uccelli stated, “We are privileged to partner with a trusted and respected company like Real Garant Zurich. Extending the warranty period to five years demonstrates our confidence in the quality and reliability of our motorcycles to our customers.”

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