CFMoto has been super busy in the months leading up to EICMA 2023. So far, four teasers have been released, and the initial assumptions were that the four posts were for three different bikes. However, it seems that previous predictions may not have been quite on the money, based on what appear to be newly-leaked photos, as well as a new 450 MT teaser video posted by CFMoto France.

As a follow-up to my previous EICMA preview article, and after a bit of digging and swimming in the pond of CFMoto rumors, I uncovered a few things. First of all, the MTX Concept seems to be a different machine from the 450 MT.

What appears to be leaked promotional photos have been making the rounds on social media. You can clearly see in the previously released official CFMoto teasers that the MTX will have dual disc brakes. By contrast, these new leaked images show just one rotor. Going by that evidence, it appears likely that the MTX Concept and the 450 MT will be two different models. 


So, what can we expect from the MTX Concept? On the one hand, some speculators and rumor junkies have suggested that the MTX will be powered by Yamaha’s CP2 engine. This idea does hold some water, given that CFMoto and Yamaha recently established a manufacturing agreement. 

On the other hand, and perhaps more plausibly, the 800 MT might be used as a base for this concept, which would mean that the 799cc KTM-derived LC8C would be the powerplant of choice. 

If CFMoto does choose to go with the Yamaha power unit, we’re looking at a 270-degree parallel twin engine with about 62 horses and 42.5 pound-feet of torque. Should CF go with the KTM powerplant, it’ll be 95 horses and 64.1 pound-feet of torque.

At this point, either engine could be fit for adventure, though it seems more likely for the Chinese motorcycle maker to go with the KTM engine. After all, it's low-hanging fruit since the 800 MT already exists.

A few rumors are also swirling around about a larger displacement model to be teased at EICMA this year, though nothing is confirmed at the moment. Since it's a concept model, the brand could be testing interest in a new variation of the 800 MT, or perhaps something that is intended more for off-road riding than for on-road touring. Again, nothing is confirmed yet! 


What about the 450 MT? CFMoto Official hasn't made it totally clear that a 450 is launching, but given both these photo leaks and a new teaser video posted by CFMoto France, it looks like the 450 MT's launch is certain. Although CFMoto Official hasn’t attached a number to the name, previous teasers have already confirmed that some kind of new MT family model will debut at EICMA this year. Given the video from CFMoto France, we're convinced that it's ready for primetime at EICMA. This begs the question, did CFMoto's France team jump the gun with its video and namedrop? 

Gallery: CFMoto 450 MT Leaked Photos

I mentioned in my CFMoto EICMA preview that the MTX Concept might be a pre-production model of the 450 MT. However, it's looking more likely that the MTX is a standalone concept, and that the 450 MT could already be almost production-ready if these images are anything to go by. 

If that's the case, then we can expect up to 46.9 horsepower and 28.7 pound-feet of torque, a long-travel suspension, a big front wheel wrapped in adventure rubber, J.Juan brakes, and adventure-styled plastics all around. Apart from that, hopefully, those luggage racks and crash bars will be standard. If not, it's good to see that CFMoto will have those options prepared for the bike.  

I’m pretty sure that this leak is legitimate, but I could be wrong. Do you think that this is it? Is this the 450 MT? If it is, I think it looks good, and I can’t wait to test it out. Based on the performance of the 450 NK, the 450cc 270-degree powerplant in ADV form will definitely be a winner for CFMoto in the lightweight adventure-touring segment

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