There are three new models and concepts to be showcased at EICMA 2023, courtesy of CFMoto. Given the brand’s push in recent years and all of the new stuff that the brand has already come out with, it’ll definitely be a must to visit its booth at the show or watch its social channels to see what the Chinese brand is packing. 

To say that the concept and production bikes to be featured at EICMA this year are show stoppers will depend on what part of the world you live in. For starters, CFMoto already has an A2-compliant model in the form of the 450 NK, for A1 compliance, a next-generation 125 NK is on the way and already being teased on CF’s social media pages. 


Following that, the CL-C Low Ride concept will get some time in the limelight during CF’s presentation in Italy. We already know how the standard CL-C looks, but the concept will take that platform and turn it into something of a bobber. It could be that CFMoto is exploring the possibilities of the CL-C platform, and how it can inject a little more style and substance into the nameplate. For now, the teaser traces the outline of the bike, but we can see several bobber elements on it already. 


Next up, and probably what a lot of people are rilled up for is the MT-X Concept. This is probably the bike that CFMoto and its fans are excited about, and if you listen to the audio in the teaser video, you will note that there is a very distinct and characterful sound coming from the clips, and it is that of a 270-degree parallel twin.


That being said, and through the process of elimination (plus a bunch of whispers around the industry), CFMoto could be looking to fill in a very lucrative segment in its adventure-touring ranks. The MT Series currently only comes in middleweight flavors, with the 800 MT being the best of the bunch. A smaller, more lightweight, and more affordable version will definitely be a welcome addition to the lineup, and something that will get a lot of riders rilled up, especially those looking to get into adventure riding. 


We’re expecting to see the 450cc power unit from the 450 NK wear adventure bike clothes with this concept. While I don’t want to jump the gun, yeah, it’s the 450 MT. I really hope that CFMoto quickly turns this concept into a production as soon as possible. Judging from the video, it seems like the brand won’t make the world wait too long for it. Among the products that it has teased, only the adventure-tourer got the live-action teaser along with a photo so it’s safe to say that the brand’s quite excited about it too. 

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