Karolis Mieliauskas, an ADV rider, and partner to CFMoto in Europe embarked on a journey that spanned 2263 kilometers (1,406 miles), 12 days, and five episodes of non-stop adventure riding in the snow. 

The bike in question is not just any CFMoto 800 MT that was pulled from the warehouse. It was pulled from yet another trip that was completed by the brand back in 2022. Karolis Mieliauskas was given another call to embark on yet another ride with the same bike, the same bike that also made it in a recent cross-country tour from Lithuania to India. The bike has seen over 15,000 kilometers (9320 miles), but after it made the trip back to Europe from India, it was ready for another adventure, but not before a prompt service and some much-needed winter prep. 

The first episode was all about the preparation of the bike for the journey. The CFMoto service center in Helsinki checked the bike, changed the oil, did everything that needed to be done, and then promptly outfitted it with all the kit that it needs to give Karolis Mieliauskas an easier time through the cold winter journey. The bike came equipped with heated everything, grips, seats, and even a pigtail for a heated visor. On top of that, studded tires were installed to give Mieliauskas an edge in the face of slippery snow.

Episode two, and we’re finally out on the snow. Not a lot of asphalt on this trip as Karolis Mieliauskas states. Having the bike winter prepped did wonders for the rideability of the 800 MT. Even in the face of snow and negative-degree weather, the journey continued.

For three more episodes, we get to see the 800 MT in action, all the way until the journey’s completion by the end of the five-episode series. Every step of the journey was filled with a cold, save for a few rest stops that involved some hot drinks and even relaxing stints in saunas.

By episode three, the journey entered the arctic circle, and by episode four, we get a stunning view of the northern lights, otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis. Only a few more miles to the finish line, which was covered in the series finale, episode five. 

The threat of winter road closures posed a challenge for the CFMoto team, but the final episode closes with a perfect finish. Conditions were ideal, and Mieliauskas allowed the 800 MT to let out an engine roar at the finish line. 

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