If you’re itching for some adventure content, perhaps this series is something that you can bunker down with and watch for quite a while. From the Motorcycle Travel Channel on YouTube, this is a solo adventure from Arizona to British Columbia, and it’s still ongoing. 

Adventure motorcyclists are perhaps the most adventurous lot out there. There’s nothing like going out of your way to leave civilization behind with a few bags, a big machine with just two wheels, and perhaps a camera. That’s what Noren did on his track out into the wilderness, chasing his final destination in British Columbia in a span of 53 days. 

The trip will cover 8,000 miles, and span 53 days. Long motorcycle adventures aren’t new to the community, as content creators like Itchy Boots have accomplished cross-country trips that have more than proven their metal. Noren isn’t new to these long-haul adventure trips either and he’s giving everyone up to 30 new episodes of his adventure on the way to the north of the United States. 

On the back of his BMW R 1200 GS, he embarked on the journey almost three months ago, and it’s extremely likely that we’re just waiting for the videos to publish on his end. Currently, we’re up to episode 19, which was published about the same time as this article and is up on air here: 

Part of the story will also cover a lot of moto camping and a few snags that he’s encountered along the way. Food will also be a big part of the journey during his downtimes in his camp. If you’re hooked on the content, it’s probably a good idea to subscribe to his channel and turn the notifications bell, as most YouTubers like to say. There are only 11 more episodes left in the series, about two-thirds the way, and still waiting to see what Noren’s been able to see up north in British Columbia. 

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