Check out this video from the Apprentice Adventurer, a travel vlog through the dirt trails and forests of New South Wales, the south side. 

The Apprentice Adventurer on YouTube takes his Suzuki DRZ400E for a ride through the countryside of Australia. On the state's south coast, he goes solo on his bike through some thick forests, shattered rock, and slippery soil. 

What’s more fun is that the adventure was unplanned and helped with offline maps. The Australian bushland looks to house some pretty gnarly terrain. The tracks were also filled with creek crossings, “dodgy” rocks, and unexpected slips and slides. Even when faced with unexpectedly deep waters, sharp rocks, and slips, the Suzuki pushed on.

A vlog filled with pure exploration, there’s a wildcard hike somewhere in the 24-minute video, with a view to enjoy. Following that, it’s back to a plain and then back to the single track with trees, bushes, and scratches. 

It seems that a few of the trails to the south of New South Wales looked worse for wear. There was even an old burnt-down house with a campsite filled with a bit of “rubbish” from some supposed campers. Shame to see liter all the way out in the middle of nowhere. 

Anyway, the video is filled with a ton of other random encounters, even with a little peek inside a cave. Entertaining ramblings, musings for adventure, and even a “secret” hideout aside, it was mighty interesting to see what treasures the south coast of New South Wales has to offer for avid explorers. The story concludes with a secret location, the location of which remains a hidden gem. A small hut with a quaint interior marks the climax of the adventure and the real reason why The Apprentice Adventurer went out. After finding it, it was a mission success, and now back to home base. 

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