The journey ends for Itchy Boots, and what a ride it was. Not many adventurers can say that they’ve gone through an entire pandemic, two bikes, and tons of sprockets on their way to see an ocean. It’s been an amazing trip for Itchy Boots, and one that is immortalized in her one-and-a-half-hour-long movie. 

From Patagonia to Alaska, Noraly started her trip with her Royal Enfield Himalayan which was crated and shipped from the United Kingdom to Argentina to kick off the journey from Patagonia, the southernmost tip of South America. From there, she went through tons of paved and unpaved roads on the back of her Enfield. 

Of course, the trip was cut short in 2020. Noraly was in Peru at the time when the COVID-19 Pandemic took effect and it became a world-shaking and border-altering phenomenon. The trip had to be cut short in because country borders were getting closed, people were forced to be socially distant, and a new virus nobody really understood at the time was running about. 

Unfortunately, Noraly had to leave her motorcycle behind, and it got stuck in a storage facility for eight months where humidity and time took their toll on the bike. Dhanno, the name of the Himalayan, was pretty much put out of commission because of this, and so a new bike had to be christened in order to complete the rest of the journey. 

While Noraly had the option of bringing her Honda CB500X or CRF250L, it was clear that light was the way to go, but with a bit of adventure in the mix. As such, the CRF300 Rally became her choice to finish the rest of the trip. 

Following that, it was a classic Itchy Boots adventure going through borders, trails, and highways all the way to Alaska. 

The trip spanned a total of 65,000 kilometers, 18 countries, three years, through a pandemic, and needed two motorcycles. The maiden journey was first made on October 1, 2019, only for it to be concluded on August 11, 2022, all done solo. Now Noraly’s going to take a bit of a break from the riding and filming and give viewers something a bit different.

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