At EICMA this year, we can expect brands from all four corners of the globe to make an appearance, present their stuff, and bask in the glory of being in one of the biggest, if not the biggest, motorcycle shows in the world. Avon Tyres is a part of that, and it will be laying out its plans for the future at the show with some company.

Currently, motorcycle manufacturers like CFMoto, and Moto Guzzi are already making waves on the internet with teasers and pre-show unveilings. This year, Avon’s bringing a guest to its booth, a family member if you will, its brother, Dunlop

In 2022, Avon Tyres was incorporated into the Goodyear family of brands. As one of the industry’s most storied brands, it also ended up in a family of very storied and famous names, such as Dunlop. Avon was one of the brands under Cooper Tire’s wing until the brand and its assets were “adopted” by Goodyear in 2021. Now a full-fledged member, the Avon brand is also co-presenting with one of its family members. 

This year, Avon will be presenting in Milan alongside Dunlop. The exhibit will be located at Hall 24 at stand Q68 at the show. EICMA will take place from November 7 to 12, 2023 in Fiera Milano. It is at the show that the rubber company will lay out its plans and its vision for the future since its inclusion in the Goodyear family. 

“We’re looking forward to speaking to riders, dealers and partners at EICMA about the exciting plans for Avon next year and beyond. Avon’s range of motorcycle tires is a testament to its commitment to quality and innovation, and its presence alongside Dunlop at EICMA symbolises the strength of Goodyear’s motorcycle brands coming together,” stated Ben Hoge, General Manager Motorcycle Europe. 

Avon Cobra

Avon has a range of tires that cover many disciplines, from hyper sport tires to its popular Cobra Chrome cruiser tires. Other models in the Avon range include the 3D Supersport, the aforementioned Cobra Chrome, the Roadrider MKII, the Speedmaster MKII, and the TrekRider.

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