Dunlop Motorcycle Tires has unveiled its latest product in the well-received ADV category - the brand-new Dunlop Trailmax Raid. This recent addition to the Trailmax lineup is specifically crafted for a balanced 40 percent on-road and 60 percent off-road usage, making it a versatile choice for various motorcycles, ranging from mid-size dual sports to larger adventure bikes.

Emphasizing outstanding off-road performance and reliable wet weather grip, these tires
promise to deliver excellent capabilities for adventurous riders. Dunlop’s newest adventure and dual sport tire is offered in a wide selection of sizes and configurations, and incorporates quite a lot of the iconic tire manufacturer’s proprietary technology. Let’s take a quick look at this new rubber.

New Dunlop Trailmax Raid 40/60 Boasts Exceptional Off-Road Performance

The Trailmax Raid draws inspiration from Dunlop's renowned D908RR Rally Raid tire, known for its aggressive adventure and cross-country capabilities. The Trailmax Raid incorporates the block design from the D908RR, using tie-bars between the tread blocks to enhance handling and stability, particularly for heavier bikes. Additionally, the design optimizes traction at higher lean angles during on-road rides, thanks to smaller gaps between the shoulder blocks. For the rear tire, large center blocks are specifically crafted to handle road riding and accommodate the high-power output of adventure motorcycles.

New Dunlop Trailmax Raid 40/60 Boasts Exceptional Off-Road Performance

Dunlop's off-road inspired tread pattern combines with their latest technologies found in premium on and off-road tires, including the Dynamic Front Formula for optimal front/rear balance and confidence-inspiring feeling, the Hi-Silica compound for improved wet grip performance, CTCS (Carcass Tension Control System) for increased bump absorption, and JLB (Jointless Belt construction) for greater compliance, ride quality, comfort, and rider feel. With these innovations, Dunlop covers the adventure segment, catering to both off-road and touring needs.

The Trailmax Raid is offered in a diverse range of sizes and constructions. For the front, it is available in three sizes, covering 19 and 21-inch fitments. The rear options include six sizes, covering 17 and 18-inch fitments. The tire comes in two constructions - a bias-ply construction for certain sizes like 90/90-21, 130/80-17, 140/80-17, and 140/80-18, while a radial-ply construction is available for sizes like 110/80R19, 120/70R19, 150/70R17, 150/70R18, and 170/60R17. This extensive range of sizes and configurations caters to a wide variety of ADVs and enduros, providing riders with more choices to suit their specific needs.

New Dunlop Trailmax Raid 40/60 Boasts Exceptional Off-Road Performance
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