As electric motorcycles become more and more popular, there’s an ever-growing demand for fast-charging infrastructure catering to two-wheelers. This is especially true in countries like India, where lightweight electric vehicles are exploding (not literally, hopefully) in popularity. This has led Tork Motors, an electric motorcycle startup known for its Kratos model, to team up with Bolt.Earth on enhanced charging infrastructure.

Tork Motors claims to be one of India’s first electric motorcycle manufacturers boasting the sharp and aggressive Kratos model. By partnering with Bolt.Earth, Tork offers its growing user base accessibility to charging stations across 1,100 Indian cities. At present, Bolt.Earth boasts an impressive 30,000 charging stations scattered across India, with that number only expected to grow in the near future.

Bolt.Earth Charging Station

It’s important to note that both Tork Motors and Bolt.Earth are part of the Bharat Charge Alliance, an organization formed to make DC charging infrastructure universally compatible among lightweight electric vehicles. To make the user experience seamless and easy to use, Bolt.Earth’s charging stations have been integrated into Tork’s mobile app, making it easy for users to set the location to their nearest charging station.

Kapil Shelke, the founder and CEO of Tork Motors, aims to reduce range anxiety among EV users by providing convenient and easily accessible charging stations. “As a brand, we are aware that range anxiety is still a prevailing concern among EV users. While most people charge their vehicles at home, access to charging stations at other locations throughout the day minimizes their worries. Our partnership with Bolt.Earth is aimed at offering this peace of mind to our customers, both existing and prospective, by giving them access to multiple charging points in their cities that they can use at their convenience.”

At present, Bolt.Earth has provided 1,200 Megawatt-hours of energy through its expansive EV charging network, with more than 150,000 regular users riding a variety of electric vehicles. The company has hopes of positioning itself as a leader in EV charging infrastructure in India, and subsequently, propelling India as a global hub for EV charging infrastructure.

Raghav Bhardwaj, Head of Strategy and Leadership at Bolt.Earth said in a press release, "Bolt.Earth's mission is to revolutionize the EV landscape worldwide through accessible charging infrastructure. Engaging in initiatives set forth by Bharat Charge Alliance strongly aligns with our commitment to accelerating EV adoption in the years to come. Partnering with Tork Motors resonates with our vision to position India as a global hub for the electric future. This strategic collaboration will open new avenues for EV users across India, enabling them to access our cutting-edge charging infrastructure, no matter their location.”

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