On August 24, 2023, Indian motorcycle manufacturer TVS released its newest premium electric two-wheeler in its home country. Simply dubbed the “X,” the new electric scooter was the brand’s answer to the growing number of electric motorcycles and scooters in the market. That said, exactly one month after its Indian launch, the brand has also debuted the X in the South American market.

Auteco, a Colombia-based motorcycle distributor, handles the sales of TVS in Colombia, along with other prominent brands such as KTM and Husqvarna. TVS’ small-displacement commuters are popular in the Latin American country thanks to their affordability, reliability, and efficiency. That being said, the launch of the TVS X marks an addition to the growing number of electric two-wheelers in the region, which until now, remain far and few in between. With the launch of the X, TVS hopes to offer commuters in Colombia an alternative to ICE-powered mobility.

TVS Introduces Highly Anticipated X Electric Scooter In India

TVS Motor Company Sudarshan Venu undoubtedly has big plans for the X in the global market. In a press release, he stated, “With its remarkable features, premium aesthetics and integrated, intuitive and personalized experiences, we believe it will redefine mobility across the world.”

Performance-wise, the TVS X dishes out similar numbers as that of a 150cc internal combustion scooter. Its electric motor dishes out a healthy 11 kilowatts of oomph, or about 14.3 horsepower. What’s different here is that it makes peak power and torque all across the rev range (when I tried a similar electric scooter from CFMoto, its performance felt more like a 300cc motorcycle than a 150cc scooter). As such, we can expect linear acceleration and instantaneous throttle response. To put this into perspective, TVS claims that the X can sprint from zero to 25 miles an hour in just 2.6 seconds. Top speed is limited to 65 miles per hour.

TVS Introduces Highly Anticipated X Electric Scooter In India

TVS has also incorporated some interesting tech to provide extra reliability and squeeze out more performance from the motor. For example, it makes use of a RAM air intake that channels cool air into the motor, allowing it to perform at its peak for longer. Additionally, the scooter has three ride modes on offer, oddly named Xealth, Xtride, and Xonic. The scooter’s battery consists of a 4.44 kilowatt-hour unit with a claimed range of 87.5 miles on a single charge. Fast-charging capability means that it can be juiced up from zero to 50 percent in just one hour.

In Colombia, pricing for the new TVS X electric scooter has yet to be confirmed. However, in India, it’s priced at Rs 249,990, or approximately $3,030 USD.

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