The Royal Enfield Himalayan is probably one of the brand’s more recognizable models and good news for the Americas because RE has recently opened up its new plant in Colombia. 

Officially the second production facility outside of India, the new Colombian plant will be focused on manufacturing Royal Enfield’s Himalayan Adventure bike. The motorcycle uses a relatively simple back-to-basics formula that involves a 411cc thumper of a motor and features about 20 something horses, and the 2020 model year now features fuel injection as standard. There are other additions as well like the model’s dizzying array of instruments with a vintage vibe. No frills for an adventure motorcycle, just pure unadulterated long-distance fun on two wheels. 

Royal Enfield made it clear that the brand wants to be the world’s largest manufacturer of mid-displacement motorcycles. Recently, the brand expanded its own production capacities in its Indian factories, and now it is working on expanding to other nations. In 2020, the brand opened a plant in Argentina, and the second facility in the Americas is in Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia.

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The parts that the new facility will receive will come from the Indian plant. Shipped in as parts, the Himalayans will be assembled in Colombia in order to sell units at a more affordable price, support local jobs, and dodge importation fees from bringing in completely built-up (CBU) units. 

The brand entered the Colombian market in July of 2014 and has been growing strong ever since. RE’s first store is located in Cedirtos in Bogota. The company has since expanded its network of dealerships in the country and there are now 15 locations where customers can buy Royal Enfield motorcycles. Now, there are 57 exclusive stores in all of Latin America, along with 40 other retail establishments. The brand has since sold more than 7,000 motorcycles from January 2015 to today. 

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