When taking a long-distance road trip, the Royal Enfield Himalayan and Meteor 350 aren’t the first motorcycles to come to mind. However, both models can hold their own on the long(ish) haul with reliable thumpers and Enfield-supported roadside assistance to back them up. While the baby cruiser and ADV have enough getup to get you there, they don’t boast any storage accommodations for lengthy journeys.

That’s where German gear supplier Hepco & Becker steps in, offering multiple luggage options for the small-bore Enfields. Starting with the Himalayan, H & B’s catalog includes the C-Bow side carrier for €140 ($165 USD) or a permanent option for €210 ($248 USD). Top case mounts consist of the Alurack unit for €130 ($153 USD) and the Easyrack top case carrier for €160 ($189 USD).

Once the Himalayan is equipped with the appropriate rack system, users can add an assortment of pannier options. The Royster Bags represent Hepco & Becker’s soft luggage category and retail for €250 ($295 USD). Those partial to plastic will want to go with the Orbit Side cases for €350 ($414 USD) while the Xplorer side and top cases will please the aluminum crowd.

Gallery: Hepco & Becker Luggage: Royal Enfield Himalayan & Meteor 350

Unlike the Himalayan, Royal Enfield’s new cruiser platform, the Meteor 350, doesn’t suit such a wide array of luggage options. Instead, Hepco & Becker keeps it simple with the C-Bow carrier for €180-200 ($213-236 USD) and a simple rear rack at €170 ($201 USD). Attaching exclusively to the C-Bow rack, the Legacy Courrier bags range from €160-470 ($189-556 USD) while the Rugged leather bag family commands a price tag of €690 ($816 USD). The Legacy luggage includes two different color options while the Rugged offers brown, rugged, and sandy brown finishes.

Royal Enfield’s Himalayan and Meteor 350 may not be at the top of the grand tourer list, but with help from Hepco & Becker, they’re viable long-distance options.

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