Kawasaki has been bold enough to differentiate itself from other manufacturers by launching sportbikes that are unrivaled in the market. We first saw this with the launch of the Ninja ZX-25R, which continues to be the only modern-day four-cylinder 250cc engine. Much more recently, Team Green launched the Ninja ZX-4R and ZX-4RR, a model that finally made its way to the US market.

Much like the smaller ZX-25R, the ZX-4R is also rocking a small four-banger, only this time it’s packing more displacement, and hence, more power. Kawasaki has recently launched this premium model in the Indian market, much to the excitement of enthusiasts in the country. That being said, the new sportbike is by no means a budget-friendly option, as it’s even more expensive than the Ninja 650. Priced at Rs 849,000, or about $10,200 USD, the ZX-4R is more closely priced to the Z900, which retails for Rs 920,000 ($11,054 USD).

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Finally Lands In India

For reference, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R isn’t sold in the US, but its premium sibling, the ZX-4RR is, and it carries a price tag even cheaper than that of the base model in India, at $9,699 USD. Naturally, a bike like this will command quite a premium in India, as it’s subject to hefty tariffs due to its importation. Nevertheless, this bike has always occupied a niche space in the market, so chances are its premium price tag won’t really deter die-hard enthusiasts from the performance-oriented model.

When it comes to styling, the ZX-4R has a look that might just remind you of its Team Green siblings, especially the Ninja 400. That said, it packs a punch with a 399cc inline-four engine churning out 77 horsepower at a high-revving 14,500 rpm, along with 28 pound-feet (39 Newton-meters) of torque at 13,000 rpm. But here's the kicker: with the assistance of a nifty RAM air intake, you can crank up the power a notch, pushing it to 80 horsepower – nearly double that of the Ninja 400, while bearing the same displacement.

2023 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4RR - Display 2

Handling-wise, the ZX-4R sports a 37-millimeter Separate Function USD fork upfront, paired with a trusty monoshock at the rear. When it comes to stopping, it relies on two 290-millimeter discs at the front and a single 220-millimeter disc at the rear, ensuring you have the braking power you need when the road gets twisty. It rocks 17-inch wheels, with 120/70 tires up front and 160/60 W-rated rubber at the rear.

In the tech department, the ZX-4R doesn't skimp, offering all the premium components you'd expect from its larger kin. It boasts a sleek 4.3-inch TFT console with smartphone connectivity that adds a modern touch to your riding experience. The TFT display also offers two display modes to suit your style. In "Normal" mode, you get your everyday essentials, while switching to "Circuit" mode transforms the console into a racetrack-ready display.

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