Mutt Motorcycles is popular in multiple markets thanks to its beginner-friendly, retro-inspired models that don't take themselves too seriously. The brand's all about a laid-back relaxing ride that embraces the ethos of motorcycling of an era gone by. Not driven by sheer performance or cutting-edge technology in particular, Mutt Motorcycles is about style and character, and this is evident in its newest model, the Sabbath 250. 

Mutt Motorcycles' new Sabbath 250 is the perfect step up from its 125cc class, as it has the same retro-inspired rugged-styling as the Sabbath 125, but with a bit more grunt thanks to an engine that's practically twice the size. More specifically, the new Sabbath 125 is rocking a 250cc, four-stroke, air-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine with an output of 17 horsepower and 12.6 pound-feet (18 Newton-meters) of torque. The motorcycle is underpinned by basic yet robust components consisting of a steel frame, standard telescopic forks with fork gaiters, and a pair of preload-adjustable shock absorbers at the back. 

Mutt Motorcycles Presents New Sabbath 250 Retro-Inspired Scrambler

From a styling perspective, the Mutt Sabbath 250 follows in the footsteps of the 125, and features an all-black motif. Mutt describes it to be "badder than badass," and indeed, it does very much look like a custom motorcycle straight off the showroom floor. The custom look is further accentuated by narrow handlebars and black diamond pattern handlebar grips. On top of that, the Sabbath 250 gets a round halogen headlight with a matte black headlight grill and blacked-out aluminum LED turn signals. 

As we move to the back of the bike, we find a custom-style diamond-stitched vinyl saddle, further giving the bike a retro-custom aesthetic. The all-black theme is continued by a matte black sump guard, blacked-out engine cases, and even a matte black stainless steel exhaust system. Despite its rugged looks, Mutt has take care to ensure that the rider stays clean by including a set of front and rear mud guards, of course, finished in matte black and held in place by black fender brackets. 

Mutt Motorcycles Presents New Sabbath 250 Retro-Inspired Scrambler

In terms of pricing and availability, the Mutt Sabbath 250 has been listed on the brand's official website for £4,350 plus on-the-road charges. This translates to about $5,464 USD. Mutt Motorcycles has dealerships across Europe and Asia, but unfortunately, has yet to officially set up shop in the US market. 

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