Steady Garage releases a video of a build that might leave you wanting a new scrambler. The custom SCL500, got a showcase video, and it’s one of the first that we’ve seen Stateside with a total makeover. 

Not too long ago, the SCL500 from Honda (also known as the CL500 in other regions) unveiled and was made available. Big H’s scrambler is based on the Rebel 500, and it has the same  471cc parallel-twin engine with a 180-degree crank, that makes about 45.5 ponies and is mated to a six-speed transmission. 

As a beginner bike, it’s an easy-to-ride and easy-riding model that’s still rather low to the ground but it’s not without its quirks. Because the Rebel 500 came out first, and the engine is a parallel twin that’s also shared with the CB500F and CBR500Rs, there are a few design hardpoints and lines that aren’t exactly Triumph Scrambler XE or XC if you catch my drift. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good looker, but it definitely needed this kind of treatment from Steady Garage. 

The video’s quick and without commentary, which lets the custom job shine through. In three minutes, it documents the build’s origins from crated to recreated. The SCL500 that Steady Garage got was straight from the box and into the workshop. 

Custom Honda SCL500 By Steady Garage

Straight out of the gate, a teardown, some computer-aided design (CAD) works were drawn up, and metal fabrication was put into play. The result was quality parts fitted specifically for the SCL and a bunch of other upgrades. Among them was a wicked skid plate that looked ridiculously awesome and gave the bike a real scrambler look. On top of that, there are hand guards, engine crash guards, and even a couple of luggage racks done in the same way and style as the skid plate. 

Following the metal bits, we also get other metal bits in the form of a Brembo brake caliper in the front, wire-spoke wheels, new contact points which included a Pro-Taper handlebar, a new brake master cylinder, and a Vance & Hines exhaust. Rogelios chimed in for the upholstering work on this bike, and the tires are a set of Shinkos. 

The before and after shots are a treat. Gone is the bright and orange paint job on the tank which was replaced by the green and yellow job with a custom design on top. While short and sweet, the video did reveal just enough to get us excited about the SCL500 becoming a custom scene favorite. 

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