Electric motorcycles and scooters continue to shape the future of urban mobility. That being said, the majority of the offerings in today’s market consist of small-capacity scooters and utility-focused two-wheelers. Indeed, it’s clear to see why this is the case, as more and more cities push for quiet, zero-emissions urban transport.

However, as battery technology progresses, we’re now seeing more manufacturers offer electric motorcycles designed for fun and recreation. A good example of this is Chinese manufacturer QJ Motor, and its recently launched OAO Pro. You may be familiar with this motorcycle as the QJ Motor RX, an electric sportbike that made its debut back in EICMA 2022. In China, however, the bike has since then been renamed and refined to offer better range. More specifically the concept model showcased at EICMA had a range of just 120 kilometers (75 miles), while the new OAO Pro now flaunts 170 kilometers (106 miles) per charge.

New QJ Motor OAO Pro Is An Electric Sportbike Perfect For The City

On the performance side of the equation, the OAO Pro is powered by a mid-mounted electric motor with a nominal output of five kilowatts – or about seven horsepower. The motor peaks out at 10 kilowatts (14 horsepower) providing an added boost when overtaking. That being said, we can expect this bike to feel much faster than its power figures suggest, as it makes its continuous power all across the rev range, resulting in instantaneous response and rapid acceleration. The motor is powered by a 72-volt, 90-ampere-hour battery pack, which is also gradually charged by regenerative braking.

Thanks to these impressive performance figures, the QJ Motor OAO Pro has a top speed of 60 miles per hour – impressive for a city commuter, but not so much for a fully-faired sportbike. Nevertheless, it’s clear QJ intends for this bike to be a “sportbike-style commuter” rather than a full-fledged sportbike. Furthermore, it’s nice that they’ve tried to preserve the riding experience of an internal-combustion-powered sportbike by incorporating a manual transmission, albeit one with just four gears.

Tipping the scales at 164 kilograms, the QJ Motor OAO Pro is rather lightweight for an electric motorbike. Furthermore, its 780-millimeter seat height is low for a sportbike, making it accessible to riders of shorter stature. ABS-equipped brakes ensure confident stops, while LED lights illuminate the road ahead. Lastly, an LCD instrument cluster complete with a handy USB socket ensures riders are kept informed of all pertinent data about their ride.

The price for a sporty electric motorbike of this caliber might surprise you. Unlike the expensive, yet small-capacity electric motorcycles we find in the US, QJ Motor is skiing for just 29,999 Yuan, or about $4,150 USD. Meanwhile, the more premium version with fast-charging capabilities (four hours to fully charge) retails for 31,999 Yuan, or about $4,430 USD. That being said, it’s still unknown whether or not QJ has plans of selling the OAO Pro outside of China.

New QJ Motor OAO Pro Is An Electric Sportbike Perfect For The City
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