While top-tier sport and naked bikes like the Yamaha YZF-R1 and MT-10 are highly desirable and represent the pinnacle of performance, it goes without saying that these bikes can be quite a handful for a lot of riders, especially when it comes to precision riding on the track. This is precisely why a lot of top-level racers ride smaller bikes when training, as 600cc and even 300cc sportbikes allow riders to develop and fine tune their techniques.

Indeed, Yamaha has a bike for this, and it’s the YZF-R3. Often labeled as a beginner’s bike, the R3 can also hustle on track, and putting a seasoned rider on an R3 could easily have the little sportbike passing bigger, faster bikes piloted by novice riders. Leveraging the YZF-R3 as a track-learning tool, there are lots of aftermarket accessories designed to enhance the performance of this bike, the latest of which comes from none other than Akrapovič.

Akrapovič Presents MotoGP-Inspired Slip-On Exhaust For Yamaha R3 And MT-03

For the 2023 YZF-R3 and its naked sibling the MT-03, Akrapovič has released a new track-only slip-on exhaust system designed to mimic the styling of the exhaust pipes fitted on Yamaha MotoGP machinery. It features a striking honeycomb titanium end cap design, giving the bike an athletic, race-inspired aesthetic. In terms of styling alone, it’s unlike anything else Akrapovič offers for the entry-level sportbikes. That being said, it’s important to note that this system isn’t approved for street use, as it doesn’t meet emissions and noise standards.


Akrapovič’s new slip-on exhaust system for the Yamaha YZF-R3 is made out of high-grade stainless steel, and finished with a sandblasted canister for a satin look. It sheds an impressive two kilograms from the stock exhaust system, making it 68.9 percent lighter. It also features a freer-flowing design which Akrapovič says improves throttle response while producing a deep racing tone. Last but not least, Akrapovič guarantees a bolt-on installation of this exhaust system, with no ECU tuning or remapping needed.

If you’re looking to set your Yamaha R3 or MT-03 up for track riding, this exhaust system is an excellent way to reduce weight, improve response, and get a more aggressive sound. Akrapovič recommends getting in touch with your local retailer for more information on pricing and availability.

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