Electric motorcycles are rapidly shaping the future of urban mobility all across the world. While Europe and Asia get a plethora of utilitarian models designed for practicality and commuting, the US market has seen an influx of performance-oriented concept machines, with some of them, like those of Zero, already being well received in the market.

Indeed, a lot of performance-focused concepts have been making headlines in recent years, not least of which is the Fuell Fllow electric motorcycle, the most recent brainchild of Erik Burrell, founder and former chairman of the Buell Motorcycle Company. Buell is considered by many as a pioneer of modern motorcycle technology, and with more than 130,000 Buell motorcycles produced to date, it’s clear that the man knows what he’s doing. As for the Fuell Fllow, it’s taken quite some time since its debut in 2019, but pre-orders for the futuristic electric motorcycle have opened for $9,500 USD, with deliveries expected to commence in 2024.

FUELL Fllow Concept - Front Right Angle View

According to the company’s official press release, Fuell’s vision is “to put freedom, technology, and emotion back into urban travel by offering riders something different, innovative, upgradeable, and attractive.” Now while this word salad may sound like a generic mish mash of marketing words, the way Fuell intends to bring this to life is actually pretty impressive.

For starters, it’s throwing in quite a lot of cutting-edge technology in order to provide riders with thrilling albeit usable performance. Fuell claims a continuous power output of 47 horsepower for the Fllow-1S, and 15 horsepower for the entry-level Fllow-1. The motor gives off quite a lot of torque, with a claimed 553 pound-feet out of the company’s proprietary patent-pending Axially Integrated Transverese Flux Wheel Motor. This translates to a claimed top speed of 85 miles per hour, and a zero to 62 mile-per-hour time of 3.5 seconds.

As for the battery, the bike packs 10 kilowatt-hours of capacity, translating to about 150 miles of range on a single charge. Of course, the bike is equipped with fast-charging technology, and is capable of juicing up in less than 30 minutes. Furthermore, Fuell claims that the battery can be upgraded in the future, as more and more sophisticated batteries hit the market.

At the end of the day, Fuell’s vision for the Fllow electric motorcycle is a future-proof means of urban mobility with an emphasis on performance and technology. The bike is fitted with modular tech, allowing key components to be upgraded as needed, as well as connectivity features allowing for over-the-air software updates. As mentioned earlier, Fuell hopes to commence deliveries of the Fllow by 2024. For more information regarding pre-bookings, please visit Fuell’s official website linked below.

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