Back in February 2023, during its Q1 presentation, LiveWire president Ryan Morrissey first told analysts that the LiveWire S2 Del Mar’s rollout had been delayed. At the time, he said that it was now planned to roll out sometime during the second half of 2023 but did not give specific information as to when in those six months to expect it. 

Fast-forward to July 27 and the joint LiveWire and Harley-Davidson analyst call for 2023 Q2. Although the number of LiveWire motorcycles reported as shipped during Q2 was just 33, the company’s executives still say the upcoming months will be incredibly important for the brand, as well as the industry.  

Why? For one thing, the more affordably priced S2 Del Mar bikes are expected to start deliveries during Q3, which ends on September 30. Those 33 entire bikes that LiveWire shifted during all of 2023 Q2 were all LiveWire Ones. While they’re certainly closer to representing the kind of prices that customers want to pay than the original introductory price of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire back in the day, they’re still a decent chunk of change. 

By contrast, the LiveWire S2 Del Mar starts at just $15,499 in the US. European prices vary by market, with UK pricing starting at £18,990 (about $24,206), Germany’s pricing starting at €19,990 (about $21,914), France’s pricing starting at €20,190 (about $22,133), and Netherlands pricing starting at €20,390 (about $22,354).  

Considering that the LiveWire One retails for $22,799 in the US and starts at £22,990 (about $29,301) in the UK, the pricing math is reasonably clear if all you’re looking for is a capable electric commuter machine. 

“Thanks to the investments already made and the continued support from our shareholders, I believe LiveWire is poised to have a massive impact into the electrification of the industry,” LiveWire CEO Karim Donnez said on the Q2 2023 analyst call. 

Although the company reported net losses of $40.7 million for Q2 of 2023, it also added that this amount is still in line with its expectations. Since Harley spun off LiveWire, the new company has made extensive use of the language of managing expectations.  

However, Donnez also reported that S2 Del Mar powertrains are currently being built in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin and that the first completed S2 Del Mar production bikes rolled off the assembly line in York, Pennsylvania in late July 2023. The theme seems to be that even though there have been hurdles, things are still steadily moving forward.  

The next test will be how well the S2 Del Mar is received once it starts rolling out to customers. As and when that happens, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. 

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