Daytona Bike Week is in full swing. This time last year, Buell Motorcycle finally revealed its SuperTouring 1190 prototype to the world. After fueling hype and anticipation, the physical concept didn’t quite deliver on the model’s digital renders. Buell isn’t repeating the same mistake this time around. Instead, rolling out the production-ready SuperTouring 1190 at the 2023 Daytona Bike Week in highly-refined form.

Though the bodywork remains largely remains unchanged, a new facelift nearly transforms the model. Developed in partnership with renowned industrial designer J. Ruiter, the new front fairing marks a striking upgrade over the 2022 prototype’s boxy headlamp cluster. The updated fascia even earns trendy winglets, further contemporizing the SuperTouring.

Gallery: 2025 Buell SuperTouring 1190

Under the surface, the SuperTouring still packs Buell’s 1,190cc ET-V2 engine. The 72-degree V-twin takes full advantage of its 106mm bore, 67.5mm stroke, and 13.4:1 compression ratio on the ascent to its 185-horsepower peak (at 10,600 rpm). Along the way, torque tops out at 102 ft-lbs (at 8200 rpm). Given the SuperTouring 1190’s progression over the past year, it’s safe to say that Buell has high hopes for its upcoming contender.

“Buell is back and building a strong reputation as a small, responsive company building bikes to order and providing a unique customer experience,” Buell Motorcycle CEO Bill Melvin told Ultimate Motorcycling. “We’ve taken the Buell DNA customers know and love, and applied it to the performance touring segment, developing a topline touring bike that will lead the American market in speed, handling, and performance.

“The Buell SuperTouring 1190 is a next-level touring bike with designs that will bring excitement back to American touring motorcycles! Plus, in spite of supply chain headwinds, it’s on target for production to start this fall!”


While the American OEM has yet to release a full spec sheet, it did announce that the 2025 SuperTouring 1190 will start at $21,995. Buell already opened pre-order reservations for the model at $25. In addition to the recently revealed Buell Super Cruiser, the SuperTouring continues to build momentum for the revived manufacturer. It’s safe to say that we’re looking forward to this time of year in 2025.

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