There’s no room for subtlety when it comes to Buell’s Baja DR. While the brand markets the model as a dirt bike, it’s more of a hill climber/dune racer than a true motocrosser. Based on Buell’s AMA National Hill Climb Championship-winning 1190HCR race bike, the off-roader touts the manufacturer’s big-bore 1,190cc, 72-degree V-twin.

Inside the Baja’s trellis frame, the mega mill whips up 175 horsepower and 101 lb-ft of torque. Luckily, an extended swingarm saves the user from looping the bike with every throttle crack. If all that power doesn’t scare you off, the $19,995 price tag might do the trick. However, Buell has good news for that small contingent of hill climbers with deep pockets: the 2023 Baja DR is scheduled to roll out in 2023.

Well, at least that’s what the company currently projects. Buell hasn’t exactly provided a specific month, quarter, or window when Baja buyers can expect the motorcycle to show up. Additionally, the Buell website lists that “production is planned for 2023”, so we wouldn’t anticipate the off-road model shipping anytime before than the end of Q1.

Those still interested can throw down a non-refundable $25 reservation, despite the fact that we haven’t seen a full spec sheet for the model just yet. Thus far, Buell has equipped the DR with several different exhaust systems and WP suspension. Still, the product page is quick to point out that the “Model shown is not [the] base model”.

Buell may not have the full specs available just yet, but, hey, at least they’ll throw in a limited-edition hat if you’re still willing to hand over a $25 pre-order fee. Once/if the DR heads into production, the Buell Sales Team will reach out to confirm your personal configuration, delivery location, and local certified service center. As soon as the unit is ready, the team will finalize payment and the delivery process.

Of course, we’ve seen supply chains and resource shortages plague delivery dates over the past year. With that said, Godspeed to all of you Baja DR customers.

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