For decades, Akrapovič has been providing aftermarket exhaust systems for a wide variety of motorcycles. From the highest level of racing to the most barebones city commuters, chances are the Slovenian exhaust specialist has an aftermarket exhaust system for the bike. Now, in 2023, with ever tightening emissions and noise regulations, the brand continues to innovate and set the standard for aftermarket systems both in terms of performance and sound.

Akrapovič Has A New Slip-On System For The Honda CB750 Hornet

Akrapovič’s newest product comes to us in the form of a slip-on system for the Honda CB750 Hornet. Fairly new in the motorcycle market, the new Honda CB750 Hornet has left remarkable first impressions to those who’ve tried it. Touted by some as the new standard in the middleweight category, the bike’s ethos is incredibly simple, and is centered around delivering a balanced, powerful riding experience. That being said, Akrapovič’s new slip-on system gives the bike a sportier aesthetic, marginally improved performance, and reduced weight.

The new Akrapovič slip-on system of the Honda CB750 Hornet is hand-crafted with a carbon fiber muffler outer sleeve. Meanwhile, the exhaust’s core is made out of high heat stainless steel, complete with a link pipe that bolts directly onto the stock manifold. Finally, a titanium end cap provides extra durability while giving the exhaust pipe some contrast. The exhaust pipe makes use of the bike’s stock exhaust mounts, and is fitted with a matching carbon fiber bracket that mounts to the base of the passenger foot peg assembly.


Diving into the technical aspects, Akrapovič says that the slip-on system reduces weight by an impressive 45.6 percent when compared to the stock system. The carbon pipe weighs in at just 1.8 kilograms. On top of that, there are marginal power gains, particularly in the mid to high rev ranges, though these are barely noticeable. The manufacturer claims an increase of 0.7 horsepower at 5,250 rpm, and 0.4 pound-feet of torque at 5,300 rpm.

Akrapovič Has A New Slip-On System For The Honda CB750 Hornet

Last but not least, the new Akrapovič system for the CB750 Hornet is fully EC and ECE type-approved for Euro 5 standards. This means that the exhaust system is in compliance with all the latest emissions and noise regulations in Europe, so it’s more than compliant with regulations in other regions. Furthermore, Akrapovič guarantees a smooth and seamless installation, with no ECU tuning or remapping needed whatsoever.

As of this writing, Akrapovič has yet to announce official pricing for the exhaust pipe. That said, if and when it becomes available, prices will certainly vary per region. For more information, check out Akrapovič’s official website linked below, or get in touch with your local retailer.

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