The BMW R 1250 GS has been, and continues to be, one of the most popular adventure bikes in the world. Granted, the GS line has a significant head start over most of its competition—but it’s also incredibly good at what it does. Whether you regularly ride to adventure, or you just want to look like you do, the R 1250 GS is there for you. 

Still, if there’s one thing that even the most ardent GS fans might categorize as a negative about this bike, it could be the simple fact that it’s big and heavy. It might carry its weight exceptionally well thanks to clever engineering—but the fact remains. As a result, weight may be a significant consideration if you’re thinking about any type of modifications to your beloved GS—and that’s one place where Akrapovič shines.  

For once, we’re actually not talking about exhausts, either. While the Slovenian titanium experts have built a completely justified reputation for their fine work in both motorcycle and automotive exhausts, it seems Akrapovič is now using its titanium crafting skills to lighten up your GS in at least two other potential ways. You say you want lightweight, strong protection for your 2019-2022 R 1250 GS? That’s cool, Akrapovič now makes both upper and lower crash bars for when you’re bouncing your Beemer baby around off-road. 

Gallery: Akrapovič BMW R 1250 GS Titanium Crash Bars

Naturally, many of the same benefits that Akrapovič boasts for its titanium exhausts hold true for these crash bars. They’re strong, lightweight, and offer great corrosion resistance. Precision TIG welding ensures a comprehensively strong unit, and it of course also looks pretty nice, too.  

Weight savings, according to Akrapovič, is an impressive 40 percent over the same structures crafted from stainless steel. That sounds great, but how much do they actually weigh? The lower crash bars weigh 3.88 kilograms, or just over 8.5 pounds, according to the company scale. Meanwhile, the upper crash bars are even lighter, weighing in at just 2.38 kg, or about 5.25 pounds. That means an extra 13 pounds of weight will get you some serious engine and exhaust protection for your next adventure—which, honestly, doesn’t sound too bad to us. 

Of course, the pain point may come in pricing—although, you could also argue with yourself, if you’ve spent the money on your R 1250 GS in the first place, then you probably want to protect it. Now, Akrapovič doesn’t directly list pricing for these pieces on its website, and like all things, it varies by region. However, in the U.S., MSRP on the upper crash bar set is $1,188, and MSRP on the lower crash bar set is $1,620.

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