Wunderlich, an aftermarket BMW specialist, announced in December 2021 that its current promotion will give fans the chance to win their dream bike. Participants were instructed to choose one of 29 available models in three steps. The vote for the winner of the model of choice ended on January 3, and we finally have a winner. Unsurprisingly, the undisputed king of adventure bikes, the BMW R 1250 GS came up on top.

A total of 13,833 votes were cast, and the R 1250 GS was the clear winner. Right at its tail was its more premium sibling, the R 1250 GS Adventure. I find it pretty surprising that the standard GS had more votes, as opposed to the premium Adventure model. I guess not everyone needs the extra fuel capacity and fancy tech features. Following the GSA was the R 1250 RT sport-tourer, in third place. As mentioned in the guidelines of the contest, we now move on to step two, which involves dressing the bike up in premium Wunderlich goodies. 

This is also where Nicolas Petit, a renowned designer commissioned by Wunderlich for this promo, comes into play. The French designer will create various design and style studies for the giveaway R 1250 GS, as well as determine a suitable array of Wunderlich upgrades and accessories to elevate both the style and function of this premium adventure-tourer. What comes next is another round of voting. Once Nicolas Petit finishes the design studies, a votation will be held to determine which one will be executed in the metal. It's scheduled for February 14, 2022. 

The final step in obtaining your dream machine is to register and cross your fingers that you will be selected as the lucky winner. The bike will be given away during the Motorrad Action Team's Perfection Training sessions at the Nürburgring Nordschleife in July 2022. The final design, as well as the winner of the motorcycle, will be revealed to the public at the end of April. The chosen winner will then have the honor to take delivery of their shiny new R 1250 GS decked out in Wunderlich goodies at the BMW perfection Training sessions.

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