A special edition of the Z900RS is dropping on July 15, 2023. A rather anticipated edition from Kawasaki, the Japanese brand is paying homage to its Z1 with the yellow and black paint job in mind and on full display here. 

The Kawasaki Z900RS is definitely a tribute to the old ways of building motorcycles, and it’s a popular choice in the heavy-middleweight category for its inline-four, its handsome looks, and the fact that it is a reliable close-to-a-liter bike that definitely has heritage. 

As for the model’s specifications, it will otherwise be a standard Z900RS with anti-lock brakes (ABS), Kawasaki traction control, and its 948cc Inline-four that makes 106 horsepower and 70 pound-feet of torque. Other stuff like the suspension, brakes, and wheels will all be retained from the standard model. 

However, what will make this bike special is the Yellow Ball colorway that Kawasaki is going to field. According to the brand, “The Z900RS Yellow Ball Edition will appear in the Z900RS series, which was born from a tribute to the Z1 design. By arranging vivid yellow balls on a deep candy green and applying a special layer coating technique, a glossy and heavy texture was created. The tank mark is set with a heritage KAWASAKI emblem that further enhances the Z1 image. From bolts and wheels to instruments, fuel tanks, seats, and tail covers, the Z900RS Yellow Ball Edition brings out even more details. This is a special Z900RS that Kawasaki has carefully nurtured.”

Gallery: Kawasaki Z900RS Yellow Ball Edition

Kawasaki stated on its page that the paint and the extra details are “Major Changes,” and that will also warrant a change in price, namely 1,420,000 yen with a consumption tax of 142,000 yen, or just about $10,000 USD with $1,000 USD tax on top. Total price: 1,562,000 yen about $11,000 USD given current exchange rates. 

The model will run as a special edition, and will only be sold at Kawasaki Plaza dealerships in Japan, whose locations include Akita, Morioka, Koriyama, Sendai 6-chome, and Yamagata. 

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