There’s nothing like exploring on your motorcycle, even if it’s an area you’re somewhat familiar with. In June 2023, Runa Grydeland, the moto travel vlogger behind the Off She Goes YouTube channel, started her newest journey. A native of Norway, she’s been happy to share previous travels in Norway and Iceland with the world.  

This time around, she’s doing a monthlong tour of Scandinavia. She’ll start in Norway, then ride through Sweden and Denmark before heading back into Norway. There are a few differences between this trip and her previous trips, though; the most major one is that she doesn’t have a hard deadline for when she needs to return home this time. That means she has more time to explore, and since she tends to kind of like to wing it and make up the route as she goes, it sounds like a promising set of circumstances indeed. 

Another major change this time around is her camera equipment. In the past she had a GoPro Hero setup, but this time, she’s working with a DJI Osmo (and her iPhone) to see how she likes it. (The camera gear is in no way sponsored, but she decided she wanted a change and also to share what she’d changed with her audience.) 

Riders travel for all kinds of different reasons, and they also share their travels in videos for all kinds of different reasons. If you’re a fan of extremely chill nature vibes and seeing the beauty of Scandinavia, then you’ll enjoy what Runa has to show you in this video, as well as her other videos. It’s extremely chill and peaceful, and since it’s the beginning of June, things have warmed up and greened up quite a lot from some of her videos earlier in the year.  

At the end, she pulls out a map to show where she rode today, starting out from Stavanger, Norway and heading north. The campsite that she chose to stay at is very picturesque and has a lot of chickens around who are just going about their chickeny business while she’s shooting video in the last little bit of daylight.

During the day, temperatures were around 25 degrees Celsius (or 77 Fahrenheit), but she says it can get down to around 10 C (or about 50F) overnight, which is a bit chilly but quite nice to sleep in. Here’s to more beautiful adventures in nature aboard her Husqvarna Norden 901, which she’s charmingly named Fenrir. 

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