Back in 2019, Swedish electric motorcycle startup RGNT released its extremely striking retro-modern electric motorbike concept, which was completely unlike anything else in the electric motorbike space. Thankfully, by 2021, it was finally ready to roll out to customers in the E.U., U.K., Switzerland, and Norway.  

That was good news for a significant chunk of motorcycle riders, no doubt—but sadly for those of us in the U.S., it seemed like just one more cool motorbike design we could only admire from afar. Here in January, 2022, though, we’re extremely happy to tell you that’s all changed. That’s right; If you’re a rider in the U.S. who hoped to be able to get your hands on a RGNT electric motorbike, now you officially can. RGNT is now taking pre-orders from U.S.-based customers, with plans to ship in late 2022 for delivery in early 2023. 

You can choose between the RGNT No. 1 Classic or the RGNT No. 1 Scrambler. Both are powered by a 11kW motor with a 7.7kWh battery, with top speed listed as 125kmh (77.6mph) on the Classic or 120kmh (74.5 mph) on the Scrambler. Claimed range is between 60 and 111 miles, depending both on how you ride it and which model you get, according to the spec sheets.  

Gallery: RGNT No. 1 Classic and Scrambler

Other components featured on both bikes include J.Juan CBS brakes, a Paioli Ceriani replica fork up front that offers 120mm of travel, and a rear shock with adjustable spring preload. LED lights from Motogadget keep your bike both bright and light, and you also get a 7-inch LCD touch display up front with both GPS and cloud connectivity straight out of the box.  

Here’s where it gets a bit interesting, though. When RGNT announced that it was taking orders for its handbuilt electric bikes in Europe in 2021, MSRP for the Classic was 12,495 Euros, and 13,495 Euros for the Scrambler. We know prices don’t usually directly convert between currencies, but the conversion rate was $14,308 for the Classic and $15,454 for the Scrambler. Additionally, the deposit cost was 450 Euros, or around $515. 

This official U.S. announcement for RGNT is priced more favorably for American customers, though. For a start, deposits are $150. The USD cost for the Classic is listed as starting at $12,495, with the Scrambler starting at $13,495. Apparently, RGNT really likes those two particular numbers, regardless of what currency symbol is associated with them.  

These are handmade machines, but as with most OEMs, there are plenty of options for customization straight from the workshop, for an additional charge. Things like colors, grips, tanks, and a rear rack are all items you can decide upon if you’ve made your mind up to get one.

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