While everyone was anticipating Yamaha to release the E01 electric scooter, following multiple teasers and speculation in the industry, the company instead introduced the EMF. Available in Taiwan, the Yamaha EMF is the result of Team Blue's collaboration with Gogoro, Taiwan's largest and most aggressive electric two-wheeler manufacturer. Gogoro is fast gaining traction in other markets as well.

Gogoro's swappable batteries are used in the Yamaha EMF. Apart from the battery technology, it's also compatible with Gogoro's ubiquitous battery swapping station network. This means that if the battery's charge runs out, you can simply go to a Gogoro swap station and get a fully charged replacement. Despite its small size, the EMF is a zippy machine. Its swappable batteries power a 7.6 kW mid-mounted motor that can accelerate it from 0 to 50 kilometers per hour, or around 31 miles per hour, in under 3.5 seconds. This equates to roughly 10 horsepower, which is comparable to 125cc gasoline-powered runabouts.

Yamaha Debuts EMF Electric Scooter In Taiwan

The Yamaha EMF boasts several techie features, too. A digital LED instrument cluster, selectable power modes, LED projector lights, an NFC-enabled smart key, a combined braking system, and even a front storage compartment are among the features on the list. The Yamaha EMF's modern, aggressive styling ties in nicely with all of these features. Its diminutive proportions make it very accessible, with a seat height of 785mm and a ready-to-go weight of 114 kilograms. Light blue, dark green, and dark black are the three color options available for the scooter.

The scooter's hardware and underpinnings are based on a tubular steel chassis equipped with standard telescopic forks and twin shock absorbers at the back. Meanwhile, the 10-inch alloy wheels are equipped with 200mm and 190mm disc brakes, front and rear respectively. As for pricing, Yamaha is offering the EMF e-scooter for $99,800 NTD as a special introductory price, this translates to the equivalent of around $3,611 USD.

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